What Causes Lyme Disease?

So you are wanting to know what causes lyme disease?  Lyme disease is associated with a spirochette type of bacteria called borrellia (and there are 36 different types of borrellia).  But I want you to consider this… would you say you had strep disease?  No, its just a bacteria causing problems that needs to be reduced down to where the immune system can ‘keep it in check’.

So why is it called lyme disease?  Perhaps because it is so complicated. The lyme bacteria is usually accompanied by other bacteria (co-infections) and even parasites such as babesia.

It was once thought that you received the lyme bacteria only from the bite of a tick.  But NOW the bacteria is everywhere and it can be seen in the blood (live cell blood analysis) of virtually every person.  Beleive it or not, this is the same for hundreds of other bacteria and parasites – they are all in your body and you don’t even know it.  The main thing to know about what causes lyme disease, or lyme bacteria overgrowth,  is that they don’t cause problems until they grow out of control – and YOU can control that.

What Causes Lyme Disease Bacteria Overgrowth?

What causes them to grow out of control?  Your body has become the perfect host for the lyme bacteria, its co-bacterias and parasites. I have found that what causes lyme disease, or truly just the recurring overgrowth of the spirochette bacteria, is what I call the lyme/emf/heavy metal connection.

When a person is having problems with the lyme bacteria, usually the body is contaminated with heavy metals – any type of heavy metals but especially metal fillings in the teeth which leach out into the brain (one of the reasons lyme more often effects the head) and body. The heavy metals can even come from a mom with heavy metals passed on during pregnancy.

The lyme bacteria LOVES to eat heavy metals. Metals attract electromagnetic fields such as in electric, magnetic and wireless radiation.  So when in the presence of this type of radiation which weakens the immune system and damages cells, the lyme bacteria multiplies, eats more metal (which keeps the body from detoxing it out), which in turn draws in more radiation, which weakens the immune system… and then we are back to the beginning – this recurring over and over again as long as the body is the perfect host.

If you are interested in testing the electric, magnetic and wireless radiation in your environment, see these EMF/RF detectors/meters that I recommend most: Click Here for EMF/RF Detectors

How to Be a Bad Host to Lyme Bacteria

My daughter and I both had a huge overgrowth of lyme bacteria and its co-factors along with symptoms to prove it.  I had a head full of mercury fillings.  My daughter didn’t but I was pregnant with her when I had the worst heavy metal contamination of my whole life.  We were able to eliminate our lyme symptoms and overgrowth by figuring out how to become a bad host to this bacteria and its co-factors. Here they are:

1. VERY IMPORTANT – drastically reduce the radiation in our environment from electric, magnetic and wireless sources.  I cannot stress this enough!  A world-known lyme doctor says ‘Avoiding EMF’s will determine who recovers from lyme and who does not.’

2. Detox heavy metals from the body and REMOVE all sources of metals in the body (i.e. replace metal fillings with composite, etc).

3. Rebalance the body’s electromagnetic fields and this must be done repeatedly and often in the beginning AND on a regular basis thereafter – because we can never stay away from all bad radiation and this is what throws our body’s healthy electromagnetic field off. Once our body’s electromagnetic field is altered, lyme and other bacterias and parasites start to take over. More Info on rebalancing the body’s electromagnetic fields here.

So those of you asking what causes lyme disease can now know that even though we will continually be exposed to the lyme bacterias, you can change the possibility of getting or keeping the overgrowth of lyme bacteria by being a BAD HOST.