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The reason I became an expert in the area of electromagnetic environmental effects is because I had EMF sensitivity, lyme and cancer all at once – and this required me to ‘figure it all out’ in order to save my life.  See My Story Here

What made me so effective at what I do with EMF radiation protection for my clients was the realization that as I protected myself from the ‘feeling’ of EMF sensitivity I discovered that wasn’t enough to keep the cancer from re-activating.  This was a strong confirmation that the radiation WAS affecting me even when I didn’t feel it.  I had to do more protection and more restoration to truly be well and feel great. I also realized that the lyme grew in direct relation to any exposures to wireless radiation – the more exposures, the more the lyme bacteria increased in my body.  Bottom line is we have to be more conservative with EMF radiation exposure than what we think.

Then, as a biofeedback practitioner that also tested clients’ homes, I observed and was confirmed with the very same results in others as what I had discovered for myself.

About 98% of all people/practitioners/doctors I hear teaching, testing and balancing others from harmful EMF/RF radiation are giving incorrect or inadequate information (some of these are ‘leading’ EMF consulting experts).  The right information is just not out there yet because one person will have part of it right but leave out very important information… or they just won’t be strict enough for what is needed.  If you are at the point where you are already having EMF sensitivity symptoms, you don’t need weak information.

I am very stern with people about what they must do to feel great because the characteristics of those with EMF poisoning are lack of motivation and inability to believe improvement of environment is possible.  Making your home environment safe is usually easier than you think, though it may take some up-front energy and financial investment. My counsel may lessen this considerably, because you can get everything set up faster and not waste money on ‘gadgets’ not needed or that do very little.

Along with my environmental and biological experiences, education and expertise of the effects of EMF’s, I have built a zero RF/ultra-low EMF home and am also a Certified Health Coach.  EMF Health Coaching is for those who want to be held accountable and have a step-by-step plan to help them close the gap between where they are and where they want to be with their EMF radiation protection plan.

Electromagnetic Environmental Effects Consulting may consist of:

  • Confirmation/discussion of probability of EMF poisoning
  • Direction and support for cleaning up your environment (Purchasing EMF detectors I recommend is very helpful for this consult – ‘Order EMF Detectors Here’ and receive before consult session)
  • Emotional support/Plan of Hope/Ongoing coaching
  • Design ideas for building a low EMF/no RF home

Electromagnetic Environmental Effects Consulting and Coaching are paid in advance.  Contact me here to book a session and to make payment at that time. 

$65/30 minutes $125/60 minutes


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