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The iMRS Mat is the #1 selling in-home PEMF mat for a reason.  I came across this home biofeedback machine mat many years ago while I was researching ways to rebalance my body’s electromagnetic fields after getting EMF poisoning, cancer and lyme.  As I continued to learn and experience the harm of the bad EMF’s and the benefit of adding the good frequencies (like the mat’s PEMF), I realized that the cells having these original God-given frequencies are the Foundation of Health!

Out of four biofeedback systems I have, (one of which sells for over $30K/the mat less than 1/5 of that cost) I use the mat most often, in fact on a daily basis for rebalancing because it is the easiest to use and very effective, relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time.  Only occasionally do I have to use ‘The King’ of EMF rebalancing (Ondamed) for extreme EMF exposures or buildup from several days exposure in a row, especially when I combine the iMRS mat with this ‘Healthy Brain Diet‘ for EMF radiation protection. 

I hear over and over from those I’ve sold the iMRS mat to that they LOVE it!!!  The PEMF frequencies, like this mat uses, is well studied and used by NASA in their space program – just one example of proven benefits and respect of the technology.  Other benefits of owning this home biofeedback machine mat is having daily EMF rebalancing sessions.  All dysfunctions and inflammation of the body are related to not having the original electromagnetic frequencies you were created to have.  Rebalance those back and these conditions have the best support for the body healing itself.  Remember that healthy tissue has the original God-given frequencies, unhealthy tissue has different frequencies… and THIS is what the mat helps to correct.

One of the changes that often take place in the body with bad EMF radiation exposures is the rouleax (clumping) and bottle capping of the blood cells.  Take a look at this darkfield microscopy utube showing blood with rouleax and bottle capping before PEMF and then the changes in the blood after one PEMF application.


Rouleax, or clumping of the blood, can present as symptoms such as tiredness, brain fog, blood flow restriction, weakness, fatigue, pale skin, shortness of breath and more. 

The iMRS mat is the world’s most advanced PEMF home biofeedback machine mat technology.  It recreates the natural electromagnetic fields of the earth and body providing grounding and restoring frequencies making it one of the most effective and tolerable systems available.  A VERY IMPORTANT feature of this mat (if you purchase the iMore attachment – which I ALWAYS recommend) is the biofeedback capability which ‘listens’ to what the body wants and changes the delivery accordingly.

Using the PEMF mat consistently is strongly correlated with increased energy balancing from the stimulation of the immune system, endocrine, metabolic, circulatory, neurological and musculoskeletal systems.  

The resulting benefits of using this home biofeedback machine mat are:

  • reduced pain
  • increased energy and vitality
  • improved sleep
  • less stress
  • greater enjoyment and quality of life

Many have also reported benefits specifically in the areas of wellness and anti-aging, professional and amateur sports, focus and business life.

Understand that all balancing systems including the iMRS mat will benefit you most when you clean up your environment from bad radiation first – this factor alone will multiply the overall benefits of this mat exponentially and will help you to retain the beneficial frequencies given by the mat longer which equates to feeling better more often.  Not this mat or any other system or device will make up for a bad EMF/RF radiation environment.  The only true complete EMF radiation protection is NOT BEING EXPOSED.  See ‘Safe Setup’ Here to make your environment safe.  Then add these good frequencies from the mat daily to help rebalance and have a better quality of life from the radiation you MUST be in when away from home.

If you are considering ordering the mat, understand that who you order from is very important, as the distributor you order from will be the one who will give you support in setting up and helping with ongoing questions. Here are some of the benefits of ordering from me:

  • You will receive a support folder I personally designed to help with ease of use
  • I provide special tips and recommendations to support those with ‘EMF Sensitivity’ issues
  • I am available to give PERSONAL one-on-one support when you need it (I didn’t get this from the distributor I purchased from)
  • Every distributor must sell for the same price and includes free shipping (U.S. and Canada), same 3-year warranty, along with each month’s special pricing (including free components when they are offered) which all distributors must abide by.  I help you to know which components are important to purchase (like the iGuide with 270+ Presets) and which components you don’t need to purchase.
  • I am a Certified Biofeedback Practitioner since 2008 with special studies in EMF rebalancing


The following contact link is to request pricing information and ask questions about the mat for those who are seriously interested in purchasing the mat to help rebalance your body from today’s wireless radiation exposures and improve overall quality of health, energy and life: 

‘I need to be contacted with IMRS mat purchasing information’

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