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Your initial reaction to being safe in a high-tech world may be ‘How can I live in this tech world without using technology?’  The good news is that for best electromagnetic field protection, you can use most tech devices by setting them up safely.

The first step to Safe Setup is to test your environment.  If you haven’t checked out the How to Test Your Environment page, please read that info FIRST.  The most important tool to help you know if you are safe from radiation is EMF meters/detectors, because ‘You don’t know until you test.’  They will also help you locate sources you can’t find or didn’t know about by following the direction of the strongest signal.  Here are the two meters (one for wireless, one for electric and magnetic) I recommend to be the best value – giving highest level of accuracy for the money while being the simplest to use – See ‘Support Products – Meters’.


The main points for electromagnetic field protection safe setup:

  • Most wireless tech can be safely used as long as it is hardwired and the wireless capability is turned off.
  • For electric and magnetic radiation, the proper distance from the body is what makes it safe versus harmful.
  • Some technology will have and need to be tested for wireless and electric/magnetic radiation concerns.
  • Wireless that can’t be turned off should be discarded/replaced especially if you have cancer, EMF sensitivity, nervous system disorders, other serious health problems… or you don’t want to get them.
  • Wireless radiation (RF/microwave) and electric/magnetic radiation have different characteristics and will need to be tested with different meters. BE SURE you are testing wireless radiation with a wireless meter and electric/magnetic with a meter that tests these separately.


Here are the two categories (Wireless and Electric/Magnetic) for Safe Setup:



Wireless Set Up

Setting up wireless tech hardwired, means all technology will get its information thru a cord – not a wireless signal, just like we did 15-20 years ago.  Some of you younger guys will not even remember this. ????  You can even hardwire an iPad by getting an adapter and putting it on airplane mode (See Product Page Safe Setup).

It’s impossible to name everything wireless to check out and switch over because new wireless tech is coming out daily.  I even saw wireless A/C filters recently. Yikes!  The main objective of electromagnetic field protection for Wireless Safe Setup is to have a wireless EMF detector and then to keep searching for where signals are coming from (and fixing them) until there are no more.  However, if you have wireless radiation coming in from outside, you will have to block it with blocking paint and possibly window blocking solutions to get full electromagnetic field protection.  (See ‘Blocking Supplies’ Here)

Specifics to look for:

  1. Internet Service – usually comes inside hardwired to a modem.  The modem broadcasts Wi-Fi throughout the home. The Fix is to have Wi-Fi turned off and hardwire (preferably through attic and down the wall) to an outlet in every room you want to use internet (with Ethernet cable) – computers, iPad, TV’s, etc.  Call your internet provider to have this done. Another ‘Internet Service’ radiation source is at the dish (if you have one) outside, nearby or on the house (and which comes right through the wall/roof into the home – unless there is metal between).  Satellite service or point-to-point service both use a dish on the outside of the home. The benefit of the satellite service dish is that it doesn’t have a ‘flux/radiation’ at the dish.  Point-to-point service from towers has a pretty strong flux of microwave radiation at the dish and expanding out in all directions for a few yards.  You will have to do blocking paint or metal to keep it from coming in the house or switch to satellite or fiberoptic options. Remember to steer clear of the yard area around these point-to-point dishes.  Fiberoptics internet must all be hardwired AND turn off all wireless signals.
  2. TV service is similar in that it is usually hardwired to the box under the main TV and then sends Wi-Fi all thru the house to other TV’s (even if you don’t have others).  Call the TV service company and place an order to hardwire to all TV’s and turn off all wireless at each TV service box.  You will also need to turn the wireless signal off of the TV itself, if it has one.  Always test afterward to see if all is off.
  3. Cordless phones are very strong wireless radiation and emit constantly 24/7 (even when not in use) throughout the whole house.  These should be replaced with corded speaker phones (See Product Page Safe Setup for the phone I use)). You can do this with landline or internet service phone.  Just be sure the internet service phone setup is only hardwired and emitting no wireless signal because they normally set them up wirelessly.
  4. Gravitate to using a corded phone with cell phone on airplane mode (it can still emit a signal when on airplane) or powered off, most of the time.  Second best is to text instead of calling, and then modify auto-sync update intervals on cell phones to much less often and also keep Wi-Fi/internet feature off.  I believe it is NEVER safe to use a cell phone or have it turned on if you have cancer, EMF sensitivity or nervous system issues.  The reason is because I can feel the old cancer spots ‘re-activate’ in the presence of all wireless radiation and have heard others say they were diagnosed with brain cancer after feeling the cell phone radiation affecting the cancer site.  Studies also prove it causes cancer. See ‘Studies/Letters’ page for more info.
  5. For best electromagnetic field protection, never have cell phones turned on at night as they emit strong signals constantly even when not in use.  Second best system (but I don’t recommend it) is to have cell phones at least 3 rooms away from sleeping area.  It will still radiate into the bedroom but will not be as strong.
  6. Locate, hardwire, and turn off wireless on other devices.  Examples are printers, audio equipment, CPAP machines, fitness/wireless watches, hearing aids, baby monitors, gaming equipment, A/C thermostats, smart appliances, etc.  Check with the meter to be sure all wireless is off. Hardwiring does not turn off wireless signals – it’s a two-step process.
  7. Test your vehicle for wireless signals.  They always come with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth turned on and emit a strong signal even if your phone is not hooked up.  Go into settings to turn it off or you may have to go to a dealership.  Always test afterwards to see if it’s really off because several have reported the dealership did not turn them off as they said/thought they did.
  8. When testing for wireless radiation, be sure to stare at the meter for 2 minutes (watching/listening for a quick zap) in each area as some systems’ signals are intermittent.  This does not mean it’s safer.  In fact, is worse – like a ‘nail gun to the head’ effect on the cells.  Also, give wireless signals several seconds to stop and start when turning devices off and on to ensure an accurate reading – they are not instant.
  9. A major source of wireless radiation in some homes is a wireless or ‘smart’ meter which brings electric, gas or water service to your home.  When it is nearby or on your home, it comes right thru the wall inside your home.  Serious health problems can occur with this exposure. There are several choices you have to solving this exposure.  You may be able to have it replaced with a non-wireless meter (the best solution). You can paint the inside of your house with blocking paint but that still leaves the outside of the home/yard with EMF radiation.   You may be able to put a blocking cover around the whole box (but not touching it) that will drastically reduce the signal. Research your options before you choose, to ensure all is legal. There are also many advocate groups on this topic you can seek out for more information.
  10. As noted on ‘Testing’ page that turning wireless off at ‘night only’ still leaves you exposed to hours of unsafe microwave radiation… and will often be accidentally left on at night.  Also, know that purchasing equipment to somewhat mute the signal is just a ‘slower microwave cook’ to your cells but certainly better than nothing.  (But I don’t recommend either of these two types of setup).  See the ‘Studies/Letters’ page for scientific studies proving the harm. Set it up safe to start with!
  11. See a list of EMF exposure sources of wireless radiation to look for on the Testing page above.
  12. You can have everything set up safe but leave one source emitting wireless and it can be enough to keep your cancer activated or keep you feeling lousy with EMF sensitivity.  The goal for true electromagnetic field protection should be ALL WIRELESS OFF and nothing coming up on the meter.

Electric and Magnetic Safer Setup

The reason I say ‘safer’ is because it is not likely you will give up electricity in your home (nor is it necessary for electromagnetic field protection) but the goal is to make exposures as minimal as possible.

  1. Electric and magnetic radiation are different from wireless in that the ‘flux’ (radiation exposure) drops off much quicker with distance in most cases (smaller appliances, technology, etc.).  Some stronger sources like larger motors, engines, and especially powerlines carry for longer distances. For the smaller appliances, hardware, technology, etc. a safe distance from them is usually 4-6 feet.  They should never be in close proximity to where you sit, lay, stand, work, or spend regular time.
  2. ‘Safer setup’ is nothing electric placed close to the body long term unless it has a filter to regulate down the A/C fields or is used on battery only. Things like electric blankets and heating pads should never be used! (Old fashion hot water bottle, with hot water not microwaved, is the best replacement, and a down comforter.)  Use the meter to test for a distance from the body where electric and magnetic is at a safe level on the meter.  Be sure to test for electric and magnetic separately on each device. (See ‘EMF Meters I recommend here.)
  3. Technology advertised as low EMF  I have almost always found to test low in magnetic field BUT HIGH IN ELECTRIC, so be sure to test both fields on each device.
  4. Based on studies of the harm of powerlines, I would not recommend having a home, business, school – anyplace you spend regular time – that is near a powerline.  How far is far enough for electromagnetic field protection? I can’t say but I once heard of a study that showed that even 6 miles away from very large powerlines, the ions were changed from negative ions (healthy ones) to positive ions (unhealthy ones)  which affects your health.  Small distributor lines leading up to a house should be buried for safer electromagnetic field protection.
  5. I’ve found in testing homes that most kitchen countertops have high EMF due to either appliances and/or wiring (behind, under or over the countertop).  When I built my home, I put all kitchen wiring in metal conduit and all appliances in my larger pantry and use them in there.  I also put the plug in the island on a kill switch (cuts electric from plug back to panel) and keep it turned off. Kitchen appliances can be kept unplugged unless in use (or in the pantry if you have a plug there), helping to reduce EMF radiation at countertops where you work.  Refrigerators are usually not an issue since they are rarely close to work spaces – just be sure they do not have a wireless signal.
  6. Magnetic induction cooktops put my meter on overload – unable to test it is so high.  They cook using extremely high magnetic radiation and are VERY harmful to the body! Get them out of your home.  See ‘Harmful Effects of EMF – Stories’ for a client who had Lou Gehrigs and a magnetic induction stove.
  7. Length of exposure time is the most important factor of safer setup for electric and magnetic radiation.  For instance, if it’s a blender that is only on for a few seconds a few times per week, it probably won’t be a significant load on the body unless you have EMF sensitivity or cancer.  (I would still move away while it’s blending).  A very strong field like a zero-turn mower should be little-to-no exposure because of its strong radiation.  Certainly things like electric blankets and heating pads that are used for hours at a time next to the body should not be used at all.
  8. Learn how to improve the wiring in your home to reduce dirty electricity. Most electricians do not know how to properly do this.  See Alex Stadtner www.hbelc.org for more information.  I’ve tested almost NO homes to have low flux wiring – and that includes old AND new homes.  This ‘flux’ is passed on to the appliances/technology/plugs/switches/wall wiring that is plugged in to your wall plugs affecting you when you’re nearby.  This also affects you when the beds, sofas, chairs you use are next to the wiring in the walls.
  9. See ‘How to Test’ page for a list of some sources/devices of electric and magnetic radiation to look for.  If you can’t find where a high reading on your meter is coming from, it may be coming thru the wall from adjoining room.
  10. Think of things to test which may not be ‘in place’ when you are testing.  Items such as hairdryers, cell phone charging cord beside pillow/bed, electric space heaters in winter, child’s iPad that may be at school, etc.

Electromagnetic field protection SUMMARY for low EMF and no RF/wireless radiation:

  • Hardwire and deactivate all wireless emissions
  • Keep electric and magnetic radiation at a safe distance away from the body
  • Gravitate to using a corded phone (on speaker) with cell phone on airplane mode most of the time, or all the time if you have cancer, EMF sensitivity or nervous system disorders. (My phone is off all the time and just used for emergencies and urgencies at about 20 minutes or less per year.)
  • No above-ground power lines near home or other regular environments
  • Be sure cell tower emissions, internet dish and neighbors’ technology radiation are not coming into your home. (See ‘Blocking Support Products‘ for the Fix)
  • Leaving just one signal going is enough to keep cancer activated and EMF sensitivity symptoms in full swing.  Goal should be zero wireless.
  • Test often – things sneak in
  • If you have EMF sensitivity, cancer, nervous system issues, etc. or don’t want to get them – focus on the most extreme side of these safety measures for electromagnetic field protection.  This is related to a safe distance from the electric or magnetic sources and no wireless radiation in regular environments.
  • Adopting the ‘Healthy Keto’ diet will allow your body to withstand more radiation without having as much of the inflammatory process that leads to disease.  See more info on the ‘Healthy Keto Brain Diet‘ Here.

NEXT for electromagnetic field protection after getting your home set up safe – If you already have health problems (cancer, EMF sensitivity, nervous system disorders, etc.), go to ‘How to Restore Your Body’.  Here you will find ideas on how to help restore your body’s frequencies back to healthy God-given frequencies which are required in order to have healthy tissue and be in health.


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