Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Symptoms


Do you have symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity?  Imagine you have a ‘lifetime radiation cup’.  We’re talking about wireless, electric and magnetic radiation only (EMF radiation).  Once that cup gets full, or even near full, you begin to have symptoms when you are near technology.  Your cells can’t handle any more.

Do you have symptoms of a ‘full cup’?  Or would your current health issues benefit from EMF radiation protection.  Because the electromagnetic field of the body is the foundation of health, it is directly related to your level of health.  And YOU are in control of that, as difficult as it may sometimes be.


Most common symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity:


Brain fog Memory loss
Head pain Rashes
Insomnia Hot flashes
Rapid heart beat Nerve damage/Numbness
Ringing in the ears Anxiety/fear
Nausea Tumors
Immune system dysfunction Tingling or aching
Swollen/sore lymph nodes Eye problems
Fatigue/weakness Pain
Electric shock which jolts the body Depression
Focus/concentration problems Agitation
Tension/stiff neck Burning sensations
Dizziness Speech problems
Tremors/twitching Bacterial infections (like strep and lyme)


Everyone presents initially with different electromagnetic hypersensitivity symptoms based on their body’s own weaknesses – so there are a variety of ways people ‘feel’ or have symptoms with overexposure.  One may be weaker in the immune system and develop inflammation, fibromyalgia, Lyme, cancer. One may be weaker in the nervous system and develop nerve damage, tremors, MS, Lou Gehrig’s, Parkinson’s. Another, weaker in the heart developing rapid heartbeat, heart failure, blood pressure issues, even cancer of the heart (a more recent issue we have not been seeing in the past). Another, weaker in the endocrine system and develop issues with energy, thyroid, adrenals, etc. Though some symptoms are more commonly found, this is the reason each person may have a little different set of symptoms – because the wireless radiation affects your weakest tissue first.

Most people have a complete disconnect from their body.  If you start paying attention, you’ll find your symptoms (of most any health problem) increase when in the presence of too much radiation – especially wireless.  The longer your environment is not safe from EMF radiation, the more electromagnetic hypersensitivity symptoms you will get and the further you will progress up the disease ladder.  Very important to test your environment for sources of EMF to see how much radiation you are getting.  Purchase ‘EMF Detectors‘ I recommend here.



See Safe Setup for how to help make your environment safe and

Plan of Hope for EMF Sensitivity‘ for information on how to deal with it.


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