What is Electromagnetic Radiation and How Does it Affect You?


What is electromagnetic radiation?  About 38% of the population admits they can feel the radiation from wireless technology and that percentage is growing steadily. But we do know from extensive studies (see Studies here), that whether you feel it or not it is still affecting you – blood brain barrier, cell wall integrity, DNA, immune system, blood sugar and more.

This explains how, why and what is electromagnetic radiation in the simplest terms:

  • The God-given frequencies of the body are ‘The Foundation of Health’.  They carry the energy and programming of the cells, making the tissue healthy or not (if they are altered) 
  • Your healthy tissue has these original electromagnetic fields (a grouping of frequencies) and the unhealthy tissue has different frequencies.
  • Our modern technology produces wireless signals that are everywhere in our environments – home, work, school, restaurants, parks, churches, stores.  The wireless signals, and less often a problem with electric and magnetic (EMF radiation), alter our body’s electromagnetic frequencies which steals the energy and programming of the cells.
  • Technology’s radiation interferes with the rhythm of the universe (includes humans, plants, animals, insects, micro-organisms and more).  For the human body, that means changing the frequencies that give us health, peace and joy.  This ‘entrainment’ is a law of nature.  Another example of frequency entrainment is when an opera singer’s voice breaks a glass because the frequencies of the glass particles are changed by the frequencies in the singer’s voice. Similarly, cells are ‘trained’ to have the wrong frequency either by strength of signal or length of exposure to man-made frequencies – EMF radiation.
  • In order to stay in health, we must protect and restore these original frequencies of the body on an on-going basis. Though we can hope things improve soon… and that regulation and design catches up with the scientific study’s that prove the harm of wireless radiation, technology will never go away nor be made completely safe.
  • When the body has what it needs and is protected from what is harmful – it can more easily heal itself and stay in health.  Very amazing to watch!  I’ve seen this happen for myself and others over and over again, sometimes appearing to be miraculous but it’s just what happens when you support God’s perfect design and rhythm.

Now that you know more about ‘what is electromagnetic radiation’ and how it can affect you, head on over to ‘Safe Setup’ so you can begin the process of protecting your body from a much higher cancer risk, EMF sensitivity, nervous system breakdown and the beginning of other disease processes.  

Or go to ‘Studies/Letters’ for scientific studies, scientists’ pleas for better regulation, doctor’s letters trying to protect children and advocate groups that are our angel pioneers.


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