How to Test For Sources of EMF Radiation


Testing sources of EMF radiation followed by Safe Setup is the most important environmental health choice you will make. We are blanketed with wireless radiation virtually everywhere which is millions of times stronger than we’ve ever been exposed to. It directly affects your health causing your weak issues to be weaker.

The first mistake made after not testing at all, is testing with the wrong meters. You must test wireless radiation with a wireless/RF meter, and electric and magnetic with a meter that tests electric and magnetic separately.  ‘See EMF Detectors I recommend here’ – I’ve tested several that were not giving accurate readings, didn’t have a wide enough range or other issues.

Tips for Testing Sources of EMF Radiation:

  • In testing homes since 2009, some areas I thought would be high, were low and some I thought would be low, were high.  So, you don’t know until you test.  Don’t guess!
  • Test home, vehicle, work, school, temporary housing like hotels and family/friends’ homes
  • Test each area for wireless, then go back and test for electric and magnetic.
  • Don’t test once and no more – do regular spot checks.  You’ll be surprised at what creeps in.


Wireless Testing


  • When testing wireless sources of EMF, it’s important to stare at the meter for 2 minutes in each area so you can catch quick intermittent signals.  Intermittent signals are not less harmful – they are more harmful and much like a nail-gun-to-the-head effect to the cells.
  • Start by testing the front and back yard to get an idea of how much neighborhood radiation you have – or it could be coming from technology inside your home if it’s strong so test again after you unplug all wireless inside.
  • Go to every wireless device and unplug power (testing each before and after).  Now follow the meter to strongest remaining readings to find items you have missed.  Everything you just unplugged will need to be hardwired (just like we did years ago) and then turn off the wireless capability of each device – (very important step).
  • I strongly urge you to NOT just ‘unplug when not in use’.  Do this only temporarily, if needed, until you get things hardwired. That is still way too much EMF exposure for a healthy body, but also people can forget they have them on until they start feeling ‘fried’. Hardwire everything!
  • It’s cumulative so the more wireless you eliminate, the less impact on your health.  However, if you eliminate all but one source and that source is moderate to strong, chances are it can make you feel just as bad.

Here is a partial list of sources of EMF wireless devices to test:

Cordless phone DVD player
TV service boxes TV’s
Computers Modem/routers
Printers Cell phones
iPad Wireless watches and fitness watches
Cpap machines Alarm system components
Hearing aids Other medical equipment
Beds that plug in (some are wireless) Thermostats
Various appliances Gaming systems
Water meters (exterior) Electric meters (inside and out)
Area near internet dish (inside and out) Baby monitors
Phones connected to internet Vehicle (with engine on) Vehicle (with engine on)


Electric and Magnetic Testing


The main difference between electric/magnetic and wireless sources of EMF radiation is that wireless usually travels far while most electric and magnetic fields only radiate about 4-6’ from the appliance and its cord.  They both go right through walls (except metal stops wireless signals but acts like an antenna for electric/magnetic) so getting a signal in one room could be from a device in adjoining room.  Important tips:

  • You will test for magnetic and then switch the meter to electric to test for electric.  Both are very important and must be tested separately (see EMF Detectors I recommend). Check the manual for safe levels but at the bed, electric should be zero (and those with cancer, EMF sensitivity, etc needs to be lower than ‘safe levels’ elsewhere).  Bedroom breaker may need to be turned off to accomplish this if you have unplugged everything from behind and beside the bed and still getting  too high of a reading on the meter. If that doesn’t do it, you probably have a power line in close proximity outside.
  • Don’t forget to test anything with an engine, motor or spin to it.  The spin creates a magnetic field which can be very strong (like a zero-turn mower). These would be mowers, weed eaters, backpack blowers, large machinery, vehicles (magnetic field from engine).
  • I usually start at the bed – most important place!  This meter is not so omni directional so you must point it in all directions (including up and down) for the area being tested.  This helps you to know the direction the radiation is coming from, to help you find it.
  • Especially test any place you spend time – laying, standing, sitting.
  • Kitchens are usually higher radiation than most rooms and very important since they may have the highest traffic.
  • Be sure to test items before and after you turn them on – cooktops, lamps, computers (need to be tested for wireless and electric/magnetic), heated floors, saunas, etc.
  • If the meter numbers start going up and ends up with a number 1 on the screen with no zeros in front of it, that is ‘overload’ meaning it is over the maximum range of the meter (over 2000). Extremely high reading!

Here is partial list of sources of electric and/or magnetic items to test:

Lamps Alarm clocks
All cords (should not be by feet) Printers
Anything 6’ from pillow Computers
Wiring in walls Wiring under floor
Heated floors Kitchen countertops
Dishwasher (off and on) Kitchen appliances (if standing near)
Cooktops Oven if under cooktop
Bathroom countertops Hairdryer
Bathroom above-mirror lights Jetted tubs (off and on)
Vacuum cleaner Heated toilet seats
Foot baths Shaking machines
Chi lymph machine Saunas
Other health devices Heating pads
Electric blankets Power strips (away from feet)
Electric hot water heaters A/C units (indoor, outdoor, attic)
Zero-turn mower Weed eaters
Leaf blower Charging cords
Space heaters Electric fireplace
Dimmer light switches Wall speed control for fan


Each home is different but just use the EMF detectors to test everyplace in the home and outside of the home and be sure to watch the wireless meter for two minutes for spikes that are a worse type of signal. Then test again after each item is set up safely (nothing on the wireless meter in all areas of the home and then for electric/magnetic near the body – below 50 magnetic/0-3 electric/0 electric for sleeping). These guidelines are for those that already have issues related to EMF sensitivity, those with advanced disease processes like cancer and those who don’t want to get them.  Remember, I know this because I had cancer (see My Story) and know how the wireless, electric and magnet affected the cancer tissue when I had it and even now that I don’t have it, how they re-activate my old cancer sites.

Other problem issues of sources of EMF’s to look for, that you don’t need an EMF detector to test in order to know, is power lines near the house and variable speed A/C or other motors (no matter what the EMF detector says).  Correcting these is near impossible and should not be a choice for your living environments.

If you still need help with testing sources of EMF radiation for your environments, I am available for a one-on-one EMF consulting session.  ‘Consulting Info Here‘.

After testing,  see Safe Setup to learn about completing a safe environment for EMF radiation protection.

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