Plan of Hope for EMF Sensitivity


 Yes, you can change your health, happiness, cancer risk, emf sensitivity and more by changing the way you protect and restore your body from electric, magnetic and wireless radiation.  Many coming to this page are at the end of their rope. Suicide is prevalent with EMF poisoning. Please understand it is not hopeless! Those with serious diseases, cancer, MS and EMF poisoning, etc. should see the most dramatic benefits from protecting and restoring their body’s healthy EMF’s. Remember, your healthy tissue has the original God-given frequencies, unhealthy tissue has different frequencies.  Our technologies are over-riding and changing our body’s healthy EMF’s which starts inflammation, disease process, DNA damage and more.


Having success with EMF sensitivity myself and watching hundreds of others,

here are my expert recommendations for a simple and direct plan of action:


  • Test your environments – work, home, vehicle…  any place you regularly spend time.  These are the meters I recommend and know to be accurate and simple to use (See Meters Here) Then see basic testing guidelines at ‘How To Test Your Environment‘. Testing is the only way to know for sure what’s in your environment. It shows where your strongest exposures and your safest areas are located, and it helps you to find ALL your sources of radiation.
  • Make your environment completely safe! I cannot stress this enough!!! See ‘Safe Setup’ to help with this.  The biggest block people have to getting better is that they don’t make their environment safe.  That’s why I am STRESSING this importance.  The mind plays tricks telling you there is no safe place when it is not that difficult most of the time.
  • Make your environment completely safe! The MOST important thing!  Test and turn off all wireless at home, work, vehicle, etc. Yes, it can be done – you may have to use blocking paint and window blocks (See ‘Product Page‘ Here) to protect from wireless radiation coming in from outside, but that plus safe setup of your technology, should get the reading on the wireless meter we want (nothing showing up).  If you buy the meter, test and set up safe, it could save you from buying things you don’t need.
  • Make your regular daily environment completely safe! Very, very important! Turning off wireless at ‘night only’ is NOT enough.  It only takes 5 minutes or less exposure to even a moderate strength wireless signal to reactivate some of my old cancer spots.  And those who have cancer can often feel their cancer spots aching/tingling, etc. when in a wireless environment. Adding ‘gadgets’ does not make up for a bad environment.  The radiation has to be GONE on the meter – so no exposure to your body. Making your environment safe includes:

Setting up your home technology all hardwired and then turn off wireless capability (see ‘Safe Setup’). Gravitate to using corded phone and power off or ‘airplane mode’ your phone (though airplane mode no longer shuts down all signals on most phones I’ve tested).  Electric and magnetic radiation has to be a safe distance from the body.

You may have to change your work environment if you cannot make it safe enough for you.  This is a drastic measure but it depends on how sick you are and how well you want to be.  Many workplaces are a wireless cesspool – try to educate before deciding to leave.

Test your vehicle and turn off Bluetooth/wifi (a very strong and constant signal).

Any place you spend regular time should be safe also –  example:  my parents know for me to come over regularly their home has to be safe.  Good for me, good for them! I spend very little time at relatives and friends homes which are not safe. Remember to teach in love!

  • Now that your environments are safe, restoring your body (See ‘How to Restore’) will ‘hold’ much longer and gain much more progress for your health.  If you restore before you get your environment safe, it will still help you to maybe not go backwards as fast, or for temporary relief, or maybe you will still gain much progress.  Just KNOW that in order to feel great and stay that way, a safe environment is VERY IMPORTANT! Change it now… or in 3 years when you get cancer, MS, more severe EMF sensitivity, etc.  This is my experience for myself and many others. Now you must apply yourself to restoring the body from the initial damage, and also to continue to restore regularly (but less often) based on how much radiation you are still exposed to.
  • This is NOT hopeless – take it one day at a time.  Each piece of technology you hardwire (and turn off wireless capability) and each blocking/shielding system you add (if needed) is another benefit and victory – keep going until all is safe!  You are not alone! As of 2016, surveys report that about 38% of the population can feel an EMF sensitivity to technology and it is growing rapidly.
  • A very important step to take is to add in the ‘EMF Protection Diet‘ that helps keep down inflammation and minimizes your response to EMF’sThis is powerful!
  • You don’t know until you test!  I went from cancer in 3 areas of the body (See ‘My Story‘) to cancer in 6 areas because I thought I had things set up safe, but I did not.  That is when I purchased and started using meters regularly. See meters I recommend here (Meters).
  • Don’t fret over what other people think!  They don’t feel it, have heard almost nothing about it and it is very difficult for them to understand.  Enjoy knowing what you know! They will most probably get their turn at this as time goes on. I’ve seen many who didn’t believe, come back to me later believing.  Right now, you need to take care of yourself. It is no one’s job but yours to take care of yourself – not even your spouse’s. That means you may have to drastically limit your time around people that will not turn their cell phones off for you or make a safe place when visiting.  NO ONE is allowed to have their cell phone, fit bit, ipad, etc. on in my home – it is a zero-wireless zone.

Some think they will never get better from EMF sensitivity (also known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity), others say they are ‘well’.  For the most part – both are wrong. EMF sensitivity is just the fact that the cells have had all they can handle… for a lifetime.  It’s poison to your cells – stop the poison, you start getting better. Add it back – it affects you again. That’s why a clean environment is very important, so you can feel great most of the time. Once you drastically reduce your exposure and then restore your body, you will be able to tolerate it much better – but it will most probably affect you somewhat always, depending on how much exposure you get now, how much you have collectively been exposed to in the past and even if you adopt the ‘Healthy Brain Diet’ (a stronger factor than you can imagine), which is huge for reducing the EMF inflammatory response.  

What I have learned about EMF’s, cancer and Lyme that helped myself and others, lines up with God’s systems and plans. The human body heals itself when protected from what is harmful and provided with what it needs.  This applies to animals also.

I want you to know this: I am happier now than I’ve ever been in my entire life!  At 62 I feel like I’m in my 20’s 95% of the time – better than before the emf poisoning because of how well I take care of myself.  The 5% is only when I’ve been in too much radiation. Have hope! You will get better if you apply yourself wholeheartedly to my recommendations. Then you can help to encourage others and go on to fulfill your life missions.

EMF sensitivity help should come from someone who has experienced it, studied it and been successful.  No one can understand or truly believe the destruction of electromagnetic sensitivity until they have experienced it…  I know how you feel! If after soaking up the info on this EMF radiation protection website you still need help, you can opt for my one-on-one personal consult sessions here (Consulting Support).


Now head on over to ‘How to Test Your Environment‘ and ‘Safe Setup‘ to get started.

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