EMF Children and Babies – Are Yours Safe?


Is EMF children, teens and babies a concern for you?  You may think your baby’s or child’s environment is safe but if you have wireless technology in your home, mounting evidence says they are not.  You may even have wireless radiation coming in your home from outside sources like cell towers, smart meters and neighbors technology – it comes right through the walls.

You probably know of a child or children with cancer right now.  Just in the last two years there seems to be an explosion of childhood cancers – especially leukemia and brain cancer.  Why are our little and big kids getting leukemia???? Let’s follow their exposures to wireless radiation.

But first, see that there are a growing number of studies showing the harm of how wireless radiation is affecting our babies, children and selves – especially the latest study just out proving it causes cancer with the lead scientist (and many others) recommending it be classified as a human carcinogen.  And it’s not just childhood cancer we should be worried about but other studies proving EMF children issues like neurological damage, seizures, learning disabilities, attention problems, allergies, anemia, strep and lyme overgrowth, nosebleeds, depression, insomnia, rapid heartbeat and much more.

First exposures may come even before conception with Mom and Dad’s cell phones.  Then again in utero, with mom’s cell phone or computer right at belly level. Again, as mom is on her cell phone while she nurses.  Then there’s the baby monitor, along with other wireless technology in the home and yes, even babies and toddlers being given wireless technology to play with – YIKES!!!.  Is it any wonder that about 3 out of 4 leukemias among children and teens are acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) and most common between 2-4 years of age?

Here is a short list of a few sources of wireless radiation your children may be exposed to (now or in the past) at home, daycare or school – with a longer list here at the ‘How to Test’ page:

  • Cell phone in Dad’s pocket (before conception)
  • Cell phone at Mom’s belly (in utero)
  • Baby monitor*
  • All cell phones in the home which are powered on (constant intermittent signals)
  • Routers/modems in home or school
  • TV service box under TV and TV itself
  • Printers
  • Computers
  • Smart/wireless electric meters
  • Security systems
  • Cordless phones
  • Daycare wireless exposures
  • School Wi-Fi and iPads
  • Children’s tech games with wireless
  • Fitness watches
  • Bluetooth in vehicles
  • Teens and younger have massive amounts of EMF radiation from technology

*A note on baby monitors:  I researched safe baby monitors and came up with NONE I would recommend.  My suggestion is to install hardwired cameras that also have NO wireless emissions.  You wouldn’t put your baby in a microwave oven so don’t consider putting a wireless/microwave-emitting monitor in their room.

My friend’s 19-year-old granddaughter had stomach cancer. I told her, “19-year-old’s used to never get cancer”.   She said ‘Two of my friends have cancer also’. This is environmental tragedies!  The most common teen cancers are leukemia, testicular, thyroid, brain cancer and lymphomas, with testicular and thyroid (in females) increasing in incidence at the fastest rate.  This is not a mystery to me.  See this latest study by Yale University linking cell phone use to thyroid cancer here on the ‘Studies/Letters’ page.  Teen girls are more likely to be on their cell phones while male teens are more likely to be gaming with technology in their laps.  There are many studies proving the DNA damage to testicular cells from microwave/wireless radiation exposure which leads to cancer and infertility.

See a few of the hundreds of studies specific to children proving the harm on the ‘Studies/Letters‘ page.  Don’t let your child be used as a guinea pig to prove this.  A side benefit of protecting your children and babies from EMF wireless radiation is that studies show they will cry less and be more peaceful (less agitated) with less exposure.  There is more information provided by these advocate groups:

You don’t know what your child is exposed to until you test their environment.  Order meters here then go to ‘How to Test’ and ‘Safe Setup’ to make their environment as safe as possible.  For EMF children radiation protection, bottom line is you must hardwire all technology and then turn off the wireless capability.


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