EMF Detectors and Meters

Testing is #1 priority and helps you to know how much radiation you are in, where it’s coming from and confirms that it is gone when you make changes. These are my TOP PICKS which are easy to use, highly accurate and the best value.  If you can only afford one meter, get the wireless one as this is what affects us most often.  Order meters then see ‘How to Test‘ on how to use them. 

Acousticom 2 Pocket-Sized EMF Meter with BONUS Battery and Case by EMFields (For Wireless)

This meter tests for wireless/rf/microwave radiation only.   This is the meter I test homes with because of accuracy and simplicity of use.  About the size of a deck of cards.

ME3030B EMF Meter 16Hz – 2000Hz |Includes Free Hard Shell Zipper Travel Case!|

This meter tests for electric and magnetic separately – which is very important!  (A regular gauss meter only tests for magnetic radiation.) Very accurate!  It does NOT test wireless radiation.


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