Karen Holmes

Imagine being in control of your health… and it was fabulous!  As an alternative health biofeedback practitioner, THIS is what I teach, live, facilitate and passionately love – God’s plan for health that is natural, non-toxic and completely effective.  Because I am a biofeedback practitioner dealing only with rebalancing the bio-electric systems of the body, I have special insight into what is needed for EMF radiation protection and improved health.

Having lifetime roots in North Texas – I came out of the corporate world in oil and gas, banking and co-owner of Dallas Burglar Alarm Company to finally pursue my gift and passion of natural health full time.

My current titles along with alternative health biofeedback practitioner:

  • Student and Counselor of Natural Health since 1977
  • Certified Health Coach since 2008
  • Certified Biofeedback Practitioner since 2008

I have a deep respect and appreciation for nature – God’s beautiful creation, and an understanding of the power for improved health that comes when you line up with God’s designs and choose His created solutions.  It is of utmost importance to understand the Creator’s design of the human body and His creation in seeking great health.

I became an expert on the topic of EMF’s affecting the body after an extreme exposure gave me cancer, lyme and EMF sensitivity all at the same time.  See ‘My Story‘ here.   I don’t need studies to prove the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation – I was the study. I have also observed, coached and taught a multitude of people with EMF poisoning and other health imbalances and watched their quality of life improve as they rebalanced back to the God-given frequencies and cleaned up their environment from the harmful electric, magnetic and wireless radiation.

I am now happier than ever and healthier than I even was in my 20’s and it is because I’ve learned to respect what my body needs… and doesn’t need.  It is truly the hardest thing for me to watch everyone’s health going downhill when it doesn’t have to.

As an alternative health biofeedback practitioner and EMF consultant, I have the gift of wisdom like few others in what I am currently teaching and administering for EMF radiation protection and restoration of the bio-electric systems of the body.  This is what is needed for healthy tissue and is ‘The Foundation of Health’.  The biggest challenge in today’s environment is to limit exposures to wireless radiation, but it is worth the cost to feel great!  TEST IT AND SEE!


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