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The only true EMF Protection is NO exposure to the body – by blocking or distance. But since that is not always possible, finding great products to protect and balance on a regular basis is very important! Here are some of the top products I’ve found to be most helpful with EMF exposures that I use regularly. Be sure to check out the other ‘Support Product’ pages also… for more great EMF protection products.

Lifewave Frequency Patches

Y-age Carnosine

Y-age Aeon 


Energy Enhancer


These three patches are my favorite for EMF Radiation Protection with Carnosine as my #1 pick.  I wear these when I go out and will be in more than average radiation and can feel a definite protection difference.  Wear more than one type at a time for extra protection. 30 in a pack


Order Patches Here at Lifewave 




Block EMF Supplies

ezekiel-ion blue light glasses


Negative ions, Far-Infrared & Blue Light, UV, EMF Blocking Smart Eyewear


Helps protect your eyes from computer screen blue light, UV, and EMF blocking for the eyes. Reduces redness and irritation from all screen use.  The two main benefits so far (after only one week of wearing) are that my eyes never hurt after being on the computer and also, I don’t get that foggy head/insulin response that comes with the technology’s EMF exposures. I highly recommend them for eye health and protection from technology!  Use coupon code “giftofhealth25” to receive a $25 discount.

Safe Living Technologies YShield RF Shielding Paint – 5L – Blocks WiFi, Smart Meters, Cell Phones

I’ve tested this paint and found it to be extremely powerful for blocking wireless radiation.  You MUST paint all walls and ceiling for best results. Best solution for blocking exterior radiation coming from outside or another room.

RadiantGUARD ULTIMA Radiant Barrier Aluminum 500 sq ft roll | 48-inch by 125-feet | 97% Reflectivity

This metalized sheeting can be used for temporary blocking of wireless radiation.  For best results, area should be fully covered.

Healthy Keto Brain Diet For EMF Protection

These products support the healthy keto brain diet which reduces the inflammatory response to EMF radiation thus drastically reducing EMF symptoms.  More info here.

Dr. Berg’s New Body Type Guide Kindle Edition/Hardcover also available

This book is the manual for Dr. Berg’s Healthy Keto Diet.  Teaches how to eat without spiking insulin which reduces the EMF inflammatory response.  Powerful for reducing EMF symptoms!

Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Brain Health 100% Organic Coconut MCT Oil 16 fl oz , Keto Friendly Body & Brain Fuel

One of the best fats for the brain, memory and healthy keto diet.  Love this brand for quality and delicious natural flavor.

Nature’s Sunshine Magnesium Complex 100-100mg Caps 

Magnesium is known to relax muscles, promote better sleep, relieve anxiety and depression, reduce headaches, anti-inflammatory, reduce insulin resistance and much more.  I take one or two EVERY night.

Electrolyte Powder – Sugar Free, Pure Keto & Paleo Hydration Mix | Immune Boosting Vitamins & Minerals

These are trace minerals that are very supportive of the Healthy Keto Brain Diet.  I chose this brand for having no sugar and a better balance of minerals.  I take this product every other day.

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