Wholetones – Music Therapy Healing for Your Body’s Frequencies


Wholetones is music therapy healing for your body’s electromagnetic fields which is the foundation of health.  They calm, regenerate, improve health, help with sleep and more.  All sound has its own unique frequencies – some are bad for the body and some are beneficial and restorative.  This includes music. For example, studies show that classical music is very balancing and beneficial for the body and mind.

Frequencies can also be added to good music (called binaural beats)  which multiplies the benefits to your body’s God-given electromagnetic frequencies – as these original frequencies are the energy and programming of the cells, the life of the body.  This is a wonderful gentle way to support restoration to your body’s good frequencies on a daily basis, as we are bombarded with bad frequencies from technology every day everywhere.

I have found a great company that is producing a variety of products based on this wonderful concept and want to share them with you as one of my special affiliates.

Introducing Wholetones!  Music therapy healing which supports the body in healing itself by helping to restore your body’s original frequencies.  These original frequencies  are the ‘Foundation of Health’.

I want to be sure you understand that these beneficial frequencies in Wholetones music (or any other balancing system) will NOT make up for a bad EMF environment.  You still need to clean up your environment from wireless, electric and magnetic radiation in order to make a significant change in your health.  See ‘Safe Setup’ Here.


Here is how Wholetones music therapy healing for EMF’s can benefit you:

  1. Without cleaning up your environment, it may help you to not ‘go backwards’ as fast and give you some relief
  2. With a clean environment it will help in the restoration process much more effectively
  3. You may feel the grounding balancing effect anytime you play it, and you can take it with you wherever you go
  4. The more you listen, the more restoration you can have – it is a process
  5. Wholetones has designed special music programs to help with sleep – yes, there are frequencies that actually help you with more peaceful sleep –ESPECIALLY if you have removed all the bad radiation in your bedroom.   Listen to Wholetones 2Sleep samples here (about 2/3 way down the page).
  6. These beneficial frequencies in music even help plants,  animals and children to flourish and be at peace
  7. The products are designed so you can pick your beneficial frequency music according to different times of day or night, whether on MP3, DVD with Chroma or portable speaker
  8. Side benefit of the players is that you can use them as a portable hardwired speaker (with bluetooth off of course)
  9. You can often feel your shoulders relax and mood improve as you add these beneficial frequencies after a stressful day

It’s these daily support systems that we need more of to combat the bad radiation in our environment.  Make your home and regular space EMF safe (see ‘Safe Setup‘) and then fit in all the support and EMF radiation protection you can to help rebalance you after being in the bad radiation.


See All of Wholetones Programs Here


Nothing heals the body!  The body heals itself when given what it needs!


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