Stories Related to Harmful Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation


The following are stories of the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation I’ve experienced or heard from others that are related to the effects of exposure to electric, magnetic and wireless radiation and also the benefits of rebalancing back to God-given healthy frequencies.

Each person reacts differently to exposures based on type, strength and length of exposure to radiation along with specific weaknesses in the body.  These exposures make weak tissue weaker and thus, weak issues weaker along with increasing bacteria and parasites growth in the body.


A 38-year-old woman had a grapefruit size tumor in her head.  She said she could feel the cell phone affecting her head. She had the tumor removed but the surgery left her with no smile on one side, numbness in one leg that affected her ability to walk and 90% diminished use of one arm.  Several sessions of rebalancing and restoring her body’s frequencies (while making her home safer) gave her back her smile, numbness in leg improved, blood flow came back into the arm with some improvement in usage of the arm. Her doctor told her she would never get her smile back.

A 23-year-old young man contacted me through my website.  He said he had just moved out into the woods in a tent to try to get away from the EMF radiation.  He had worked for a landscape company and had first developed EMF poisoning symptoms while at work.  He said he would almost pass out when using the backpack blower. This man also used a zero-turn mower a lot on this job.  The zero-turn mower is what gave me cancer, lyme and EMF sensitivity all at once. He had the right attitude – you have to do what it takes to get in a safe environment so you can improve.

A man at church died from adrenal cancer.  I found out after his death that he used a zero-turn lawn mower all the time at work. (The zero-turn mower is what gave me cancer.  See ‘My Story’ Here)

A lady who reported being diagnosed with breast cancer said she knew what had caused her cancer: she had received a Fitbit for Christmas and her symptoms started soon after.  She could feel the radiation when she wore it (it emits a constant wireless signal).

I tested a man’s home who had EMF poisoning and lyme.  He said a couple of his 7 children were starting to have symptoms also.  What I found was several sources of wireless radiation but one very strong modem in the game room which was beside a wall with a bedroom on the other side.  I asked if the two children having problems were in that bedroom and he said yes and that they slept in the bed against that wall. This would be the main cause of the 2 children developing EMF symptoms.  You cannot spend 1/3 of your life sleeping beside a Wi-Fi modem without eventually developing health issues. And for him, he worked at home and had 3 computers with strong routers in his office, along with the high radiation in the home.

A lady told her doctor she was bothered with EMF sensitivity from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.  Her doctor said a friend of his was a cardiologist who told him ‘You would not believe the damage EMF has on the heart!’.

A massage therapist developed damaged and painful nerves in her arm.  When I tested her therapy room, I showed her how strong the radiation was coming from her back vibrater which she used on clients daily.  She quit using it and her symptoms started going away.

I tested a lady’s home who had Lou Gehrig’s.  Lou Gehrig’s is caused by strong or longstanding environmental factors.  Her right arm was completely withered and non-functioning. In her home I found heated floors (high EMF’s), a strong modem radiation, a few other smaller issues, cordless phone and magnetic induction stove.  Magnetic induction stoves cook with an extremely high magnetic field.  You must use metal pans because it has to conduct the magnetic field and she also used metal spoons so the ultra-strong magnetic frequency was coming right up her arm destroying the electrical system of the body.  She told me if you search ‘magnetic induction health problems’ you will find many more horror stories.

I had a client telling me about his secretary who had just been diagnosed with bone cancer.  He said he needed to take her space heater back to her because she had to quit her job. I said, ‘oh, I bet she kept it under her desk by her legs’ and he said yes.  I told him that would be a fast way to reactivate my bone cancer. All space heaters I’ve tested have all been very high in electric, magnetic or both radiation.  In order to be safe, they have to be far enough away not to expose you to its EMF radiation field.

A friend’s friend died from brain cancer.  Her home tested to be the highest level on the meter, with a modem/router in her bedroom (which she never changed to safe setup).   Once again, you cannot safely sleep with a modem in your bedroom! Hardwire technology and turn off wi-fi.

One lady told me she would itch and get whelps when she used her cell phone.

A few people have told me their fingers go numb when using the cell phone or other touch screen technology.

I had multiple miscarriages in my 30’s.  One study I came across more recently was proving waterbeds with heaters can cause miscarriages, one of the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.   I had a heated waterbed for several years before and during that time. I also had a down syndrome pregnancy during this same time.  Once again, I recently found a study showing the DNA damage of down syndrome can be caused by electric, magnetic and wireless radiation – just another connection to the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.  See more ‘Studies/Letters‘ here.

My bone cancer symptoms started the evening after having a footbath.  The footbaths I’ve since tested are all high EMF (if plugged in to A/C current).  You are putting your feet in a pool of high-radiation water coming from the A/C current.

I tested the home apartment of a 38-year-old mother of five who had lung and brain cancer.  She smoked which weakened her lungs, but then add to that the high radiation in her apartment – both of which increased her cancer risk.  But I also found another cause for the brain cancer. The chair she sat in on a regular basis was in the corner. I tested a ‘beam’ of wireless radiation coming through the wall towards the exact place as the tumor on her head.  I found an internet radio dish (without the dish behind it) on the outside wall of the apartment which was emitting microwave radiation straight to her head and very high intensity.  I told her to contact her landlord immediately and have it taken down but she did not. She died a few weeks later.

I went from three cancers to six after working in a room filled with Wi-Fi that I had been told by the internet company they had turned off at my request.  After the cancer started growing, I decided to purchase EMF meters (one for wireless, one for electric and magnetic) and test my home which is when I found the Wi-Fi was blasting the room where I was working 8-12 hours a day.  It took me a couple of years to figure out that every little or big thing that was exposing my body to electric, magnetic and wireless radiation WAS affecting the cancer growth.  Once I made my regular environment safe, it was much easier for my body to stay on top of the cancer and certainly improved my EMF symptoms but also my body’s ability to handle a little more of it when I was away from home.

A client’s friend’s 8-year-old son had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.  She said he constantly had a laptop on his lap.  So many children getting cancer!

A lady in her 50’s came for EMF rebalancing and I tested her home since she had Stage 4 bone cancer.  Her home was high in electric, magnetic and wireless radiation which we were able to reduce to almost nothing.  She came for 8 sessions then retested and was found to have NO active cancer! Impressive how fast the body can heal itself when you get rid of the cause.

When I first found out I had cancer I was lying in bed one night and began to notice that each time the A/C heater came on, the cancer spot would tingle and ache. When it went off it would stop. When it came on again, it would tingle and ache… and stop when it went off. There was a direct relation between the cancer and the EMF radiation coming from the heater which was on the opposite side of the wall at the foot of the bed.  This was one of my first confirmations that the radiation affects cancer,  and have since heard it many times from others.

I had a friend call to tell me she had just found out she had breast cancer.  I was explaining the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation and asked her if she had pain at the cancer site and she said she sometimes did.  So, I told her to pay attention when she had the pain to see if it was when she was being exposed to wireless radiation.  She called back in about a week to tell me, yes, her cancer pain WAS activated when she was using the laptop and cell phone.

A couple of people have told me they developed trigeminal nerve pain which was directly related to their cell phone use. Trigeminal nerve pain is extremely painful. They also both had excessive cell phone usage.  EMF radiation destroys the myelin sheath around the nerves causing nerve damage and pain.

A nine-year-old had been diagnosed with diabetes type I and came in with her mother for EMF rebalancing.  I rebalanced her pancreas with the frequencies of a healthy pancreas which her body chose. Her mom called me in a few days to tell me she had to cut her insulin medicine in half because her body wasn’t needing as much.  Remember the God-given frequencies are the energy and programming of the cells – improving the cells’ opportunity to work properly.

A natural health practitioner I went to a couple of times had very high magnetic and wireless radiation in her office to the point that I no longer wanted to be exposed to that and stopped going.  Along with wireless radiation coming in on all sides of her office, she had a very strong magnetic field from several A/C unit compressors right outside her window. She did not understand nor believe the danger so didn’t take appropriate action.  In the next 10 years (and the same office) she developed cancer more than once, heart disease resulting in a heart attack and then several strokes.

A very young woman with brain cancer called me.  I taught her about protecting and restoring her body’s good frequencies and that she could NOT use a cell phone – especially while trying to get well.  She did not make any changes in her cell phone use and died a few months later.

A lady brought her mother in to see me and in a short while I became extremely tense and a burning pain in the nerve running from my neck down my back.  I went to get my meter because I realized she did not know wireless technology was not allowed in my office. The meter maxed out with wireless radiation so I asked if she had her cell phone on.  She had two cell phones in her purse, an iPad and a Fitbit watch on… all turned on and emitting radiation. Once those were turned off the tension and pain began to subside.

An older man came in for biofeedback frequency rebalancing.  He was low energy and had a tumor on his forehead which had been removed a few months earlier but had come back larger than before surgery.  He had some improvement of overall health with the first two sessions when I realized he was emitting wireless radiation. With my meter, we discovered his hearing aids had a strong wireless signal surrounding his head.  He didn’t wear them again and within 3 weeks his tumor was completely flat.  They had also bought a meter and found several wireless sources in their home including his cPap machine which was emitting radiation right beside his bed all night long.  They called the company and had the Wi-Fi turned off and then turned off other sources also. Eliminating all these sources was crucial for his body to be able to heal itself.  Note that Wi-Fi can usually be turned off on hearing aids.

One mother of four, about 40 years old, called wanting EMF rebalancing sessions.  She had stage 4 breast cancer and was not expected to live until Christmas. I told her she probably had high radiation in her home and she hired me to come test.  I asked her when I arrived if she could feel pain in the cancer spots and she said yes, especially in the morning. This told me her bedroom was probably very high radiation.  Here is what was in her bedroom ALL emitting constant strong wireless signals: computer, modem, printer, TV service box, TV, adjustable bed, cordless phone and she would plug her cell phone in right beside her pillow.  We were able to make her home almost completely safe from bad radiation. She rebalanced her body’s electromagnetic field a few times and retested in four weeks. This test taken 4 weeks after she removed the bad radiation from her home showed her main tumor had shrunk by 50%.  One of three tumors on her spine was gone and the other two were healing.  Her energy was returning. She was off all pain meds and had no pain. An occlusion in her lung was gone.  Next time she retested, her tumor had shrunk by 50% again.  

This lady had been given a second chance at life because she learned the power of protecting and restoring her body’s God-given frequencies and the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.


My main point for giving these testimonies is to help people to make the connection between bad EMF radiation and their health problems – the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation, and how protecting and restoring the good original frequencies will give your body the foundation required for healing itself.  The body heals itself when given what it needs – and the first and most important need the cells have is to have the original frequencies we were created to have.


Don’t let family, friends or spouses make your health decisions for you – though you can consider their information, they usually don’t have a full spectrum of information.  Do what it takes to get well even if people think you are crazy or making the wrong decision!  The lady above who had 4 weeks to live… when I came to test her home her husband was very obstinate until he started seeing all the high radiation on my meter.  My guess is she never would have contacted me if she had listened to her husband… and she would have died.


EMF radiation protection and restoration is an important factor to getting well that most people don’t know about – and it works!



See ‘Studies/Letters/Advocate Groups‘ here for more scientific information.

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