is technology affecting you or someone you love?

Brain Fog         Anxiety/Fear          Rapid Heart Beat        Sore Lymp Nodes          Depression

Memory Loss         Eye Problems          Head Pain         Cancer           Insomnia

Why Do We Need EMF Radiation Protection?

My EMF radiation protection journey began because of my experience with EMF poisoning, cancer and lyme which happened all at the same time.  Little did I know, the technology exposures I had prior to this experience had already contributed to ‘filling my EMF radiation lifetime cup‘ in a big way.  This was just the final blow.  Is your cup getting full? You will know by the symptoms you have when in contact with technology’s radiation.  Have you made the connection?
EMF radiation protection is a must in our tech environment which is almost everywhere in the world.  To help you understand the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation,  consider that our bodies were created with a very unique electromagnetic field – a great grouping of frequencies.  Our healthy tissue has these God-given frequencies, unhealthy tissue has different frequencies.   Many factors  affect them… especially our technology-laden world with its electromagnetic radiation. 
Today’s Challenge
Today’s challenge for health is to protect and restore these frequencies.  EMF radiation protection is required for us to be in health and feeling great! 
Here you will find the formula, the answers, the reason, the BEST true solution for today’s EMF radiation protection.  My story of EMF poisoning, cancer and lyme! Written to help YOU… protect and restore. 


What People are Saying

“I was encouraged to go see Karen Holmes and this was the biggest blessing to me. She has taught me to rebalance my body with biofeedback sessions and the iMRS mat (at home) and to stay away from bad frequencies, teaching me how to make my home safe.  She is the most knowledgeable person I have ever met about the human body and what it needs to heal itself.  Jesus is the Healer, but I also think He uses Karen  as one of His very important tools.”

– Virginia P.

“Karen has helped me deal with EMF sensitivity issues by improving my health mentally and physically, and making my home safer.  It’s great to have someone who understands what you’re going through.  I am able to navigate my day to day activities  in a way that is safer for me and feel so much better since working with Karen.”

– Brett

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