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I made an amazing healthy brain diet discovery when I happened upon a utube by Dr. Berg regarding belly fat and insulin!  It led me to more research on insulin and how it affects inflammation in the body.

EMF poisoning is an inflammation response to microwave/wireless, electric and magnetic radiation (along with DNA damage).  The diet Dr. Berg recommended for the belly fat/insulin balance is called ‘Healthy Keto with IF (intermittent fasting)’ and has caused a significant improvement in my EMF exposure inflammation to my body and especially my brain, also giving what I call ‘peaceful brain, clear and peaceful mind’.   Another very important benefit factor of this diet that lowers inflammation is that it reduces cancer cell growth and therefore cancer risk factor.  

Here is why this healthy brain diet is so helpful:

  • Intermittent fasting helps repair damaged DNA and reduces bacteria, viruses and cancer cells
  • It reduces the inflammatory process
  • Fats are used to heal the myelin sheath which is damaged by the radiation

A side benefit is that you will probably lose excess fat and build lean muscle mass.  Don’t confuse this with regular keto diet which I do NOT recommend.

Here are the basics of the Healthy Keto diet:

  • 70% fat
  • 5% carbs
  • 20% protein
  • No dairy (except small amounts of butter)
  • High consumption of vegetables
  • No sugar or artificial sweeteners (I use stevia, monk fruit mostly)
  • 16-hour fast some days from supper till next day noon (skipping breakfast). I only do the fast when I don’t feel hungry which is most days.  The fats in this diet keep you completely satisfied and void of cravings. It’s amazing!

Many things have improved since I started this type of diet but I was most impressed with the benefit to my EMF symptoms!

Through Dr. Berg’s utubes (google ‘Dr. Berg Healthy Keto utubes’) I was introduced to Logan Sneed.  Logan had stage 4 brain cancer at age 19 and is now cancer free and doing this healthy brain diet (Healthy Keto with IF) to keep his cancer risk and inflammation down.  See his utubes and website for examples of healthy keto meals and more:

Dr. Berg Amazon Products:  Ketogenic Meal Plans, Dr. Berg’s New Body Type Guide (Healthy Keto Diet)

This healthy brain diet proved to me that the food you eat can definitely help with EMF protection and restoration but remember that avoiding exposure to EMF radiation is the only true EMF radiation protection.  Go to ‘Safe Setup’ to learn more about making your environment safe.

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