Tips to Sleep Better

Ahhh….  Sleep, precious sleep – the most refreshing experience you can have!  

Why? Because sleep is when our body heals, restores, refreshes, rests and stores up energy for the next day.  Without it nothing else goes well. There is no peace. There is no energy.

Now more than ever people are searching for natural sleep help and tips to sleep better.  Can’t go to sleep, can’t stay asleep, can’t get enough sleep and wake up feeling lousy.

Common Tips To Sleep Better:

  • Drastically reduce or eliminate caffeine (coffee, tea, chocolate)
  • Bedroom temperature (s/b 65°-70°)
  • Check for needed reduction of  supplements, especially fish oil, B-12, B Complex, etc.
  • Supplements you may be lacking: B-1, magnesium, melatonin, Vit. D, CBD oil, etc.
  • Reduce stress/worry
  • Check medication side effects for sleep related issues
  • Eliminate all light in the bedroom
  • Correct unnatural sleep/wake cycle habit (s/b 10-11 pm thru 6-7 am)
  • Try this ‘Healthy Keto Brain Diet‘ for better, deeper, sound sleep
  • Even some spicy foods affect sleep like jalepeno, cayenne, salsa, etc.
  • Play relaxing music designed with frequencies for natural sleep help (see below)

But I want to tell you about a very important and growing cause of sleep problems – wireless, electric and magnetic radiation.  It causes your cells to ‘vibrate’, buzz and be stressed. You can’t relax because your cells can’t relax. It can cause anxiety and much more. And its not just the EMF’s in your bedroom, its also what your body has been exposed to all day long

Here is some research on the topic of EMF radiation and melatonin for sleep:


June 4, 2013 Paul Dart, M.D, et al

‘Research shows that low levels of microwave RF exposure can reduce melatonin levels in humans, and that some individuals are more sensitive than others to this effect.

The adverse effects of nighttime RF exposure on melatonin secretion are particularly disturbing. The nocturnal rise in melatonin levels supports the natural function of sleep, and disrupting this cycle can produce insomnia. Melatonin is an extremely potent antioxidant, and helps to repair damaged DNA and heal the body from other effects of oxidant stress.

Melatonin is also protective against the growth of cancer cells, and disruption of the circadian melatonin cycle has been shown to lead to increased tumor growth in a variety of cancer types. Women who have lower levels of nocturnal melatonin are at greater risk for developing breast cancer. Reduced melatonin levels may also increase the incidence of prostate cancer.’

Here are uncommon tips to sleep better:  Try one night of power off and unplugging ALL technology (don’t forget the modem/routers, TV, cell phones, etc. – these emit microwave radiation) then turn off the breaker to your bedroom.  Take an epson salt bath which helps to detox the EMF radiation of the day, then… Ahhhhh… your cells can rest now. You may have a lot of radiation coming in from outside also so see ‘Safe Setup’ for more help on this.

Sometimes you have been exposed too long or to too much radiation and one night of ‘turning off’ just isn’t enough to see relief.  But keep working down the radiation in your environments (See ‘Safe Setup’) and rebalancing your nervous system (See ‘How to Restore’) and you should steadily get better sleep.

Want to check your bedroom’s radiation levels?  Order ‘EMF Detectors Here‘ and then go to ‘How to Test’ so you can find out what you are really being exposed to in your bedroom.  Along with these tips to sleep better, I want to share a really beneficial sleep balancer program which is music imprinted with healthy frequencies which are specially chosen because of their ability to help with sleep.


See ‘Wholetones 2Sleep music with frequencies for natural sleep help

Click link then scroll down 2/3’s page  to listen to sample music

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