How to Restore Your Body From Electromagnetic Sensitivity


Electromagnetic sensitivity is a rapidly growing environmental illness with over 38% of the population now saying they can feel the effects of technology.  Why?  Healthy tissue has the God-given frequencies, unhealthy tissue has different/changed frequencies (caused largely by the bad frequencies of technology).  Restoring back to these original frequencies allows the body to heal itself faster and more completely benefitting all disease processes.

There are various ways to restore from electromagnetic sensitivity but effectiveness varies greatly and may be related to some of these factors:

  • Did you get rid of the cause?
  • Do you stay hydrated?
  • Caffeine and some medication interferes with rebalancing.
  • How clean is your environment (chemicals, wireless, electric and magnetic radiation)?
  • Do you have a stressful lifestyle and/or negative attitude?
  • Are you low on key nutrients like iodine and DHA?
  • Are you trying to balance with health machines/systems that are adding BAD frequencies like A/C current (due to dirty electricity)?
  • Have you detoxed and removed heavy metals from your body (including amalgam fillings)?

Just know that being able to restore from electromagnetic sensitivity and having lasting improvement will be directly related to eliminating the bad radiation – electric, magnetic and wireless.  Go to ‘How to Protect With Safe Setup’ to redesign your environment.

Here are some of the different ways to rebalance your body’s electromagnetic frequencies:


  1. Most important – drastically reduce your exposures to wireless, electric and magnetic radiation.  Sometimes this is enough to allow your body to reset its own frequencies.  
  2. Second most important – apply safe bioelectric frequencies.  They should be chosen with biofeedback (meaning the body chooses what it needs) and it must not contain excessive a/c current (dirty electricity) from a/c plugs (accomplished by using machines on ‘battery only’ or with special filters between a/c plug and machine).  KING of EMF rebalancing by use of PEMF is Ondamed (not in most peoples’ price range or capability so find a practitioner in your area at My most favorite PEMF biofeedback machine system designed for home use is the iMRS mat. ‘See iMRS Mat Here‘ I use it daily!
  3. Diet – In 2018 I discovered and adopted permanently a ‘healthy keto-type’ brain diet (protects against insulin spikes which keeps inflammation to a minimum greatly benefiting electromagnetic sensitivity, cancer risk, diabetes and much more).  For info sources see Dr. Berg and Logan Sneed utubes.
  4. Essential Oils are gentle rebalancers and have the same bioelectric frequencies of the healthy body.  I always use them when out in radiation. They offer a little ‘instant’ support but will not make up for a bad environment.  I only use and recommend the Young Living oils found HERE.  Two of my favorite oils for EMF radiation protection are Rosemary and Joy… also Thyme (I put thyme on my feet under socks as the smell is not desireable:), frankincense and peppermint.
  5. Prayer – Always start with prayer to the One who loves you and has all the answers.  I would not be on the successful path I am today without His direction, answers and blessings! Remember to LISTEN after you pray ????
  6. Hands on touch – We receive good frequencies from others’ touch – very beneficial.  Whether a hand on a crying baby’s stomach, a massage, friends/family hands on your head, a long hug – so balancing for the body!
  7. Patches – Frequency patches are much more powerful than you can imagine.  I use them when I know I’ll be in stronger or longer exposures. Order patches I use for EMF Protection (in order of importance): Carnosine, Aeon and Energy Enhancer. More info HERE.
  8. Structured water – Water is a large component of the body so the quality of water you drink directly affects all aspects of health. Structured water strengthens your body’s electromagnetic fields so they can withstand some of the bad radiation better.
  9. Music – Sound is frequencies and directly impacts yours!  Classical music and other styles are known to be rebalancing for the body.  But you can take it a step further and listen to music imposed with health-giving beneficial frequencies.  I’ve partnered with Wholetones to offer beautiful rebalancing music. See Collection Here.
  10. Supplements – Here are a few EMF protection supplements I’ve found to especially support the body’s electromagnetic field and EMF sensitivity:  spirulina, bromelain, nopal, turmeric, boswellia, B-1/benfotiamine, magnesium, iodine (Lugols topically), DHA, L-Carnitine
  11. Hot Baths – containing epson salt, baking soda, essential oils, magnesium oil, bentonite, etc.  Best to not use a jetted tub or any tub with wiring around it.
  12. Infra-red Sauna – Very beneficial but all saunas I’ve tested (even those sold as low EMF) have had high electric radiation so don’t have your body close to the emitters in the walls/floors.  Saunas can also help detox heavy metals out of the body which benefits future exposures to radiation.
  13. Earthing/Grounding – only beneficial for electromagnetic sensitivity if done correctly.
    About 50% of all ‘earthing devices’ I’ve tested were actually increasing the bad radiation to the body – even when plugged in to a properly grounded plug.  I don’t recommend these unless they are tested at the source to actually be reducing the bad EMF load on the body.
    What I do recommend is walking/sitting bare skin to bare earth in a safe environment (not near any buried or above ground electrical lines and in a no-wireless environment)
    Schuman Resonance is the earth’s frequency which is like a source rebalancing, charger system for the body.  You can receive it by being in direct contact with the earth (above) or by receiving the frequency (7.83 hz) from a frequency machine.
  14. Spoken Words – More powerful than you think.  Good spoken words CREATE good things, bad creates bad.  Scientifically proven to change the composition of water which fills the body (and why structured water is so important).  Speak life and health to self and others.
  15. EMF Gadgets/Pendants – These can help strengthen your body’s electromagnetic field a little BUT will NOT be a ‘drop in the bucket’ for help with the average wireless environment, so I hesitate to recommend them as they give a false sense of security.  I do have a couple of items like one HERE which I actually do use and wouln’t be without – just know they are not the end-all magic solution and do not make up for a bad environment.

Remember, the cleaner your environment from bad radiation (which alters your original electromagnetic field), the less often you need to restore and the better the results you will have with rebalancing.


Bottom Line Summary For Electromagnetic Sensitivity:

~ Can you get better or well from EMF poisoning? Yes, but only when you remove/stop the poisoning.  It’s a lifestyle. There are no shortcuts. ~


Now that you’ve learned new ways to restore your body from electromagnetic sensitivity, go to  ‘Support Products Here’ to find support for your journey of healing, or back to ‘How to Protect With Safe Setup’ for help with setting up your home/office safely.

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