My Story of EMF Poisoning, Cancer, Lyme and

How I Discovered My Cause of Breast Cancer


This is the short version of ‘My Story’ including the discovery of my cause of breast cancer and explains why everyone can benefit from the info on this website, no matter what health issues you may have.

In 2008 I was newly divorced/single and had a 12-acre farm so I purchased a high-powered zero-turn lawn mower and began in Feb/Mar mowing all 12 acres. Over the next three weeks I developed a rash on the back of my neck and head, one covering my lower back and then at last a rash on my breast. I went to the doctor and found out I had breast cancer and smaller amounts of colon and lung cancer. The breast thermographer I later went to said the rash was an indication of a very fast-growing cancer (which it would have been had I not figured out and eliminated the cause quickly).

I also found out I had been exposed to a strong electromagnetic (EMF radiation) source.  This took me on a journey of several years that led me to the discovery of the DIRECT relation wireless, electric and magnetic radiation has on cancer, EMF sensitivity and lyme; but also how the God-given electromagnetic fields of the body are the Foundation of Health, affecting all disease processes and all levels of health.  See ‘Studies/Letters‘ here proving the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Here are the main connections that taught me about this and my cause of breast cancer and other cancers, though there were many more connections made during that time and still are today:

  • A couple of weeks after finding out I had cancer, I mowed again, came in the house and found the very same type of rash had come up on my thymus/sternum area.  Ah ha… the mower. I took a cheap gauss meter to the mower and the magnetic field was so high it maxed out the meter, unable to measure it. (I later tested with a very respected and accurate meter and found the same – it maxed out the meter.)  With the zero-turn mowers you are sitting right on top and in front of the powerful engine which has an extremely strong magnetic radiation field.
  • Soon after, I was lying in bed and noticed that every time the indoor variable-speed AC unit (that was only about six feet from the foot of my bed through the wall) came on, the cancer spot would tingle and ache.  When it went off, it would stop. When it came on again – tingle and ache – went off – it would stop. The EMF radiation of the A/C was affecting the cancer.  This was now a double confirmation that the EMF’s from the zero-turn mower – and now other EMF’s –  was my cause of breast cancer, or at least the MAIN contributor.
  • Then I noticed the wireless technology did the same thing – affecting the cancer spots, another cause of breast cancer and the other cancers.   Before I could get my home safe and figure it all out, cancer was also in my lymph, brain and bones.  It was at this point I realized I needed EMF detectors to test wireless, electric and magnetic radiation. Using the EMF detectors, I found several radiation sources in my home that I didn’t know was there.  I had been working on a website full time in a room I thought I had the wireless set up safe… but wasn’t. The EMF meters revealed the room was extremely high wireless radiation. The internet company said they had the modem Wi-Fi turned off when they did not (and this is one example of why it is so important to have EMF meters). This strong wireless exposure was the main reason the cancer spread (also confirmed over the next 10 years of research and helping others).
  • apricots with seedsGod gave us unlimited resources that help with keeping the physical body healthy – including hundreds of plants that have been studied and proven to eliminate cancer (see PubMed – our national library of studies – to search for plants proven to reduce cancer).  What I found for myself and have observed in others (whether natural health or conventional) was until I cleaned up my environment from wireless, electric and magnetic radiation it was very hard to reduce the cancer and it even came back if I did. This process took me a couple of years to figure out, and even today when I get in wireless (especially), but also electric and magnetic radiation, I can feel some of the old cancer spots re-activating (even within minutes) – especially the breast and brain cancer areas (though this is better now with the ‘EMF Protection Diet that reduces the inflammatory process).
  • This is why it is so extremely important to have a safe (no RF/ultra-low EMF) home/work space – if you have cancer or EMF sensitivity… or you don’t want to get it.  I also developed EMF sensitivity and lyme at the same time, from the same mower exposure, and found these were directly related and activated by EMF radiation exposures in the same way as the cancer.   This has been the reason I was able to learn so much to help myself and others. I had never even heard of this connection before but soon figured out the radiation affects all disease processes (some more directly than others) and the reason is because it alters our body’s original God-given EMF’s which is the foundation of health (See ‘Studies/Letters‘ proving this).
  • Then, as I also learned about and applied rebalancing solutions (see ‘How to Restore’) to take my body back to the original healthy frequencies and began sharing this whole package,  I heard others report the same results I had accomplished for myself. The critical teaching point being they had to be in a safe environment (from man-made radiation) and then rebalance their body back to original EMF’s.  When you do this, the body can heal itself faster and more easily.  In fact, one of my first and favorite rebalancing machines is a biofeedback system used by professional and Olympic athletes for sports injuries and better performance.  Restoring the electromagnetic fields gives the energy and programming to the cells, the information that gives us our best health.  That is why exposures to man-made EMF’s in technology affect every level of health (as it alters these original frequencies) – even though it can take years for complete failure/disease to set in, and few people make the connection of the slow fade process (which is also sometimes very fast).
  • Another connection made was when the bone cancer symptoms started… exactly between two metal pins in my foot placed there from a foot surgery I had a few years earlier.  My first symptom started the evening after I had an ionic foot bath – which is a pool of water that resonates the electric and/or magnetic frequencies from the A/C plug (dirty electricity). This is the bad radiation and was ‘drawn’ into the body by the metal in my foot.
  • I went in to confirm that what I was feeling in the bones was bone cancer and it was.  In the process of eliminating the bone cancer, I was pain-free for a while at one point and noticed as I stood at the sink washing dishes, the bone cancer pain began. Based on what I had learned so far about the cancer being activated by electric, magnetic and wireless radiation, I tested the area and found that down by my feet (which is where I felt the bone cancer pain), the electric and magnetic tested VERY high.  I tracked it down to a dishwasher right beside the sink and wiring that ran right under my feet below the pier and beam floor. These were remedied by putting the wiring in conduit and unplugging the dishwasher except when in use. (Just a note that most dishwasher’s I’ve since tested are not usually high when off but are often high when they are on and running.)  I later decided to have the metal pins taken out of my foot and all the foot pain stopped and it significantly lowered the ability of the EMF radiation to activate the bone cancer.
  • Also, when I finally had all the metal taken out of my mouth (metal fillings AND crowns with metal underlays), I was not quite as susceptible to the radiation activating the cancer in my head.  So, it did help some, not a lot, but every little bit is important. This also helped lessen the EMF sensitivity in my head somewhat. It was now very clear to me that metal in the body increases our risk of cancer and EMF problems because of it ‘drawing the EMF radiation in’ – and this includes heavy metals in general.

I’m writing this story for you!  So you don’t have to go thru what I went thru or you can figure out the healing formulas of EMF radiation protection and restoration  much faster, having access to this information that took me years to learn.

If you are still skeptical of this direct relation good and bad EMF’s have on the body, I encourage you to start paying attention to how you feel when in the presence of bad radiation (electric, magnetic and wireless)…  Then how supporting and protecting your body’s good EMF’s improve your health and makes you feel happier, healthier and more alive.  Remember that your weakest tissue is affected first.

Check out the ‘Stories’ of those who told me what happened to them when they drastically improved their exposure to wireless, magnetic and electric radiation and then rebalanced their body’s EMF back to the original frequencies; but also, the tragedies of others who used the zero-turn mowers or had other high radiation exposures and didn’t know the danger, not knowing that this was a cause of breast cancer, brain cancer, other cancers and other health problems.  Wireless and electric radiation damages our cells the same way as the magnetic field of the mower, so most people are having issues now just from excessive wireless exposure which is EVERYWHERE and not properly regulated.



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