LifeWave Independent Distributor and EMF Health Contact Information

As a LifeWave Independent Distributor (ID#743281) with a background in energy medicine and natural health, I have a deep respect for the LifeWave patch technology and its ability to impact specific health needs.

In a world full of harmful electromagnetic fields that are destroying our health, the LifeWave patches are restoring the God-given healthy frequencies of the body in the areas pertaining to sleep (Silent Night patches), pain (IceWave patches), energy (Energy Enhancer patches), appetite control (SP6 patches), detox/anti-aging (Glutathione patches), stress/inflammation reduction/anti-aging (the NEW Aeon patch) and athletic performance/anti-aging (Carnosine patch). With a side benefit of EMF protection for your healthy cells.

Whether interested in purchasing LifeWave patches or joining my LifeWave team as a LifeWave Independent Distributor, click this link to my LifeWave personal website.

Take a look around this website to help you understand why the LifeWave patches can benefit every person you meet – most having great needs for rebalancing the body’s electromagnetic fields.

These four patches are my favorite for EMF Radiation Protection: Carnosine as my #1 pick, then Aeon, Energy Enhancer & X39.  I wear these almost daily and especially when I will be in radiation, and can feel a definite protection difference.  Wear more than one type at a time for extra protection. 30 in a pack

Remember, nothing heals the body – the body heals itself when provided with what it needs!

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