EMF protection is no longer just for health conscience ‘gurus’ or those once (and even still) thought to be fanatical and imagining things. In a world now blanketed with harmful man-made electromagnetic fields, we are coming to a major shift in our acceptance that they are causing serious and often fatal health problems.

Because of almost losing my life from a strong EMF exposure that turned into cancer in six different areas of my body, I have spent years studying, experimenting and testing to find out how to achieve the best EMF safety. It’s not just about finding the most powerful EMF protection devices – though I have done that also. Many factors and actions can bring you to a MUCH safer environment, all of which are very simply stated on this website – not necessarily easy to achieve but important for optimal health.

This information revealed from my studies is grouped into the following categories:

  1. Develop Your Understanding of EMF’s – What is EMF and RF radiation and why is it so harmful? How long have we really known about the dangers? Why isn’t the truth being told? Click on Nav Bar ‘What is EMF?’ for this information.
  2. Distance from EMF’s is the only true complete EMF safety – Though virtually impossible to avoid all EMF’s all the time in today’s world, it is important to know where they are and what is a safe distance for each type of radiation – wireless, electric, magnetic and ionizing.Click on Nav Bar ‘EMF Emissions’ for this information.
  3. Detectors are the only way to know for sure where your EMF sources are and how strong – Because EMF/RF radiation is invisible, EMF detectors or EMF/RF meters are the only way to know how safe or harmful your environment is from electromagnetic radiation. I studied and made modifications I thought gave me EMF protection but my cancer continued to grow from the exposures. It was not until I purchased an EMF detector (gauss meter) and a wireless/RF meter that I was able to find all my radiation sources, some of which were very strong.Click on Nav Bar ‘EMF Detectors’ for this information.
  4. Discharge EMF’s as soon as possible after exposure in order to minimize damage to your cells – Once you’ve been exposed to harmful EMF’s it’s important to discharge these from your body using EMF protectors and other methods.
  5. Repair Damage and Restore– For best EMF protection, it’s important to restore your body’s healthy frequencies and repair the cellular damage to organs such as heart and brain. There is a very special type of biofeedback machines that is excellent for this. Click on Nav Bar ‘Restore Your EMF’ for this information.
  6. EMF Diseases – Some diseases and health problems are directly caused by electromagnetic radiation like some cancers as in the number one cause of leukemia, and EMF sensitivity. But ALL diseases will be affected in some way by exposure to harmful EMF’s simply because it always weakens the immune system and damages the cells – weakest areas first. Most people are unaware of how EMF radiation is affecting their body.Click on Nav Bar ‘EMF Diseases’ for this information.
  7. Supplements – Some specific supplements help protect our cells during exposure to EMF’s while some help repair the damage after the fact.Click on Nav Bar ‘EMF Supplements’ for this information.

Many people think they are beating the odds or untouched by the effects of EMF radiation exposure. The truth is we all have, in essence, a ‘radiation cup’. We can truck along for a long time with low exposures without any affects. Or we can even manage for quite a while with relatively high exposures. Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made! Some of us, like me, will fill up their cup with an ultra high exposure in just a few weeks.

But eventually, the cup will fill up and our bodies simply cannot cope with the exposure any longer. THEN – we are in trouble. Our first sign of this may be symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity like headaches, insomnia or rapid heartbeat, OR it may be a report from the doctor that we have cancer. One thing is for sure (and I learned this the hard way), it is very difficult to get well from cancer or many other diseases until we have drastically reduced our EMF/RF exposures and learned all the best EMF protection strategies. It’s not just about cell phones and brain cancer!

Join my RSS feed and stick around while I build a wealth of information that will give you lifesaving EMF protection we all need and can benefit from. Keep your EMF radiation ‘cup’ as empty as possible by using EMF detectors to know where your sources are, keep as much distance as possible, discharge after exposure, repair damaged tissue and listen to your body’s signals of too much exposure. This is vital for your health!