The EMF Detector Is Vital For EMF Protection!

The EMF detector is a MUST in a world now blanketed with harmful man-made electromagnetic and wireless radiation. Because they are completely invisible, you will not know where they are until you test with EMF meters/detectors – or feel them making you sick!

Why EMF Detectors Are Important

I jumped head first into a massive study on EMF’s after a strong exposure to magnetic radiation gave me breast, lung and colon cancer. Over the next few months the cancer spread into a total of six different areas of my body. I could not get well until I purchased meters that helped me find all the EMF and wireless radiation in my daily environment and reduce those to very limited and minimal exposures.

My wireless and electric/magnetic EMF detectors continue today to notify me of unsafe exposures. They also helped me to understand the complex nature of these types of radiation. These fields can change daily based upon seasons (i.e. heating/a/c sources), new technology in the home, neighbors changing technology that bleeds over to your property, people visiting having their own electronics, travel away from home and much more.

Two EMF Detector Types Will Cover Most Needs

My two RF (wireless) and EMF detectors have been extremely important in helping myself and others to win over EMF sensitivity, improve the cancer battle, helping prevent other EMF diseases, along with general EMF protection because of alerting me to overexposure.

The best EMF radiation detectors will be of very good quality and highly accurate without being too expensive. You only need a wireless detector (rf meter) and an electric/magnetic field detector which separates out electric and magnetic.

Here are the meters I recommend on Amazon: 



My #1 Picks for EMF Detectors – FOR WIRELESS RADIATION

I use my wireless detector (wifi meter) almost daily! Wireless radiation is everywhere! Some wireless radiation fields are extremely high and once you know where they are, you will be able to put them together with physical symptoms you are having from this exposure, like headaches, insomnia, rapid heart beat, burning skin, vision/eye problems, sore lymph nodes, even cancer and much more so you can avoid those environments.


My Choice and BEST SELLER:

Acousticom2 (Part. #BEH140)…$199.95 Buy
It Online


This ELF-VLF 3030 Gauss Meter is simple to use and highly accurate and especially helpful in finding high electric and magnetic radiation fields that may be in close proximity to where we sleep, work at our computer, at work or other places we spend regular time. VERY important that electric and magnetic radiation is measured separately because BOTH are harmful. Most gauss meters only measure magnetic.

Electric and magnetic fields drop off at about 6-10 feet (unless a high source like an electric power line or variable speed air conditioner) so once you get these areas safe, they usually don’t have to be retested as often. Being in strong fields of electric and magnetic radiation over a period of time kills red blood cells causing anemia, bone marrow damage leading to leukemia, damaging cell integrity leading to cancer, causes loss of important minerals and much more. NOTE: this meter DOES NOT test wireless/RF radiation – only electric and magnetic (and wireless radiation is more often the cause of health problems than electric and magnetic – so buy the one above if you can only buy one detector).Digital Combination Meter (Part. #BEH480)…$149.00 Buy
It Online

In Summary

Purchasing a gauss meter for electric and magnetic radiation, and especially a wireless meter will be the most important action you can take for personal RF and emf protection. Find out where your sources are and how strong – then take action to reduce that wireless and electromagnetic radiation to a safe level or stay out of that area!

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