Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity – Symptoms, Prevention and Recovery

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), also known as electromagnetic sensitivity and electrohypersensitivity, occurs when the amount of EMF radiation exceeds the body’s ability to deal with it. Everyone has an imaginary (but very real) ‘lifetime radiation cup’. The body can only tolerate ‘that amount’ of electromagnetic radiation.

Once that cup is full, because of many small deposits of EMF exposure or even one very large deposit, any exposure can be physically felt and is usually causing end result illnesses such as fibromyalgia, cancer, MS, chronic fatigue and more. See more EMF Disease info here.

The body was not designed to thrive in the constant presence of electric, magnetic, wireless/rf or ionizing radiation as many of us are dong today. EMF protection is a necessity!

How I Developed Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

I developed EHS in 2008 after purchasing a high-powered zero-turn lawnmower and proceeded to mow my 12 acre farm over the next three weeks. Starting the first week and increasing over the next three weeks of mowing, I developed three different rashes (the last one on my breast) that I did not relate to mowing. I went in for tests that showed I had extremely high levels of radiation, breast cancer and smaller amounts of colon and lung cancer.

It took me a couple more weeks of mowing to find out the mower was the cause. The last time I finished mowing, I discovered a rash on my sternum – thymus area (the thymus is the gland that processes radiation in the body) – that was just like the other rashes. I grabbed my gauss meter and went to test the mower. Yep, the mower maxed out the meter instantly not even able to read the high magnetic fields they were so high.

My cancer advanced at various points over the next two years to include brain, lymph and bone cancer. In my frantic search to find solutions, I was able to completely conquer the cancers from time to time but couldn’t keep them ‘all gone – all the time’ because of continued exposure to electromagnetic fields (my A/C unit which caused aching and tingling in the cancer areas when it was ON and running).

I now feel great about 98% of the time and have my life back. I continue to improve with the EMF symptoms and find breakthroughs to progress my recovery. I can function pretty normally though I still must be cautious in the presence of even moderate EMF radiation environments and often test with my wireless meter when I am away from home.

My Electromagnetic Poisoning Symptoms

Here are some of my symptoms:

  • several rashes almost like a sunburn only slightly bumpy, very sensitive to touch, slightly itchy, very tingly
  • a red glow above eyebrows and bridge of the nose
  • a rash which is different from the others and went from my temple out onto my cheek bone (on the phone side of my head)
  • a hypersensitivity to all radiation – electrical, magnetic, wireless/microwave and ionizing
  • lymph nodes suddenly becoming inflamed and sore (in the presence of radiation sources)
  • during peak electromagnetic exposure, when I was about to fall asleep, at the point where you ‘push’ yourself into a sleep stage, I experienced a very bright startling flash of light that seemed like an electrical shock in the brain and my body would jerk from the ‘jolt’. This occurred for a few weeks then dissipated as the radiation began to leave my body
  • really severe brain fog – which I still get on a much smaller scale when I am around wireless technology
  • stroke-like symptoms where the right side of my body was weak (lasted several months) and twice my brain seemed to ‘take a vacation’ for 3-4 hours – very scary
  • depression and a very hopeless feeling
  • eyesight seriously declining
  • very rapid heartbeat
  • bouts of unexplained fear and anxiety
  • tiny hard bumps that came up following a slight sensitive sensation on my arms (initially with the mower radiation but continued to re-erupt from hypersensitivity to wireless phone and computer router radiation and EMF coming from my granite countertops until I eliminated them from my environment)
  • a growing pressure behind my right eye

Key Solutions That Have Helped My Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

If you really want to get well, you must take drastic action! Here are the solutions that helped me most (and will help with prevention):

  • Know where EMF radiation sources are and avoid them by using detectors/meters (you really only need two – see ‘Detectors’ page here) and then make sure your home, work and anyplace else you spend time is completely EMF radiation-free. For small amounts of remaining sources AND to help neutralize symptoms from daily exposures while out, the most helpful device I have found is AmberShield – a ‘crystal with technology’ that I wear on my body. Just remember, distance is the ONLY totally safe EMF protection!
  • Extremely important – get ALL heavy metals out of the body and off the body including mercury dental fillings, dental caps with metal underlays, pins, wires, and staples used in surgery, metal jewelry and clothing, etc.) Cilantro extract is an excellent heavy metal detox to pull out remaining mercury that has ‘scattered’ throughout the body. I also use apple cider vinegar (which releases) followed by charcoal (which ‘mops up’) heavy metals.
  • Increase iodine levels in the body if even slightly low (I found using Lugol’s  iodine topically worked best for me). Selenium, B-6 and magnesium are important to assist in the absorption of iodine. This helps detox heavy metals, assists proper thyroid functioning, helps to alleviate bad bacteria in the body and helps protect the cells from radiation. Low iodine levels are also implicated in certain types of cancer.
  • Find out if you have an overgrowth of the lyme bacteria (spirochetes) and its cofactor bacteria and address this. My lyme bacteria and its co-bacteria responds best to frequency therapy balancing. I remain symptom-free with occasional use. The electromagnetic hypersensitivity seems to have a vicious relationship between the lyme bacteria ‘eating’ the heavy metal residues, the heavy metals ‘draw in’ the electromagnetic frequencies, the electromagnetic frequencies cause the lyme bacteria to multiply and then back to the beginning of the cycle of the new lyme growth eating the heavy metals that pulls the EMF in…and on, and on, and on. This REALLY messes up the head especially, but can also gravitate to other parts of the body.
  • If you have electromagnetic hypersensitivity, you will need to rebalance your body’s electromagnetic field on an ongoing basis and discharge the bad frequencies. The most efficient way to balance your body’s EMF’s is with Ondamed Pulse Biofeedback sessions.. It contains only the frequencies of a healthy body. Sessions on the Ondamed can be very helpful for electromagnetic hypersensitivity. I truly believe this device has saved my life through many years of electromagnetic hypersensitivity. If you don’t have a practitioner near you, read on down the page for at-home PEMF technology.
    More info on Ondamed here (finding a practitioner in your area).
  • Balancing stress and emotions are extremely important and directly related to your health. This is very hard to accomplish when you have electromagnetic hypersensitivity. It brings tears to my eyes to hear of many with this health problem that have tried or accomplished suicide. The extreme stress comes from lack of hope many have because they don’t know what to do about it and then to add to the problems is the lack of belief and support by family and friends. Once again, I have found the absolute best system for balancing emotions with frequencies using Evox or Life Biofeedback. Very powerful! It reduced my fear and anxiety by about 95% after only a couple of sessions. And goes so much deeper than just that as it helps you to re-focus and re-engage in life. Contact me for Evox or Life sessions on my ‘Contact Me’ page.
  • Use noni, goji, spirulina along with other supplements to help with protection and symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity. More supplement info here.

My Best In-Home EMF Sensitivity Help Yet!

I have also been using an in-home PEMF mat system daily for about 8 years – latest version now coming out as the  iMRS Prime. It is the best selling PEMF full-body mat on the market, providing the body with the healthy grounding frequencies your body needs to restore its electromagentic fields. And since you can never be completely away from bad radiation, you can use it on a daily basis. Please fill out the form below and I will send you my contact information for questions and ordering. It’s a significant investment but worth every penny!

So many times since my EMF radiation poisoning I didn’t think I would live, much less actually get better and be able to carry on a pretty normal life. With lots of research, determination, hard work, drastic lifestyle changes and the grace of God, I have a happy, healthy life again. I hope the information here will help those with electromagnetic hypersensitivity to regain your life and health. I’m not 100% over my emf sensitivity (and really you don’t get well from poisoning you just hopefully learn how to get poisoned less) but will continue to study and keep you informed. You can get in touch with me through my contact page.

Be sure to check out my pages for ‘How to Test’ and ‘How to Protect – Safe Setup’ for important information on making your environment safe – the most important action you can take to get better!

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