Cell Phones and Brain Cancer Protection From Someone Who Experienced It and Found the True Solutions

Does the thought of cell phones and brain cancer give you a sense of uneasiness? Are you realizing that brain cancer IS on the rise? Let me give you information to implement that will drastically reduce your risk of getting it and improve your chances of healing if you already have it. It comes from my experience with cancer and EMF (electromagnetic field) poisoning that left me desperate to find out how to get well and stay well.

My experience gave me proof that EMF radiation, in the form of electric, magnetic, wireless and ionizing radiation, all cause cancer cells to grow and increase in the body. And it doesn’t matter if it’s coming from a cell phone, cordless house phone, cell tower, wireless computer router, electric blanket and MUCH more – it’s all adding up to cause many serious health problems, including brain cancer. More on EMF Emissions here.

How Do I Know What Works for Cell Phones and Brain Cancer?

It truly was a blessing to have EMF hypersensitivity and cancer at the same time so I could see the cause and effect radiation has on cancer so I could learn, help myself and help others. I have studied natural health for over 33 years now and have a passion for helping people to find safe, natural solutions to health problems that line up with God’s natural design of the human body. This includes lifestyle changes for cell phones and brain cancer.

Here’s what I found. The reason I know radiation from cells phones, etc. damages DNA and turns cells into cancer cells is because with the EMF hypersensitivity, I can feel it happening. But I’m not just going on a feeling. Since this started a few years ago, I have repeated several times the process of (1) being exposed by strong (or longterm milder) EMF radiation (2) feeling the cancer grow (3) going in for testing that shows it HAS grown, (4) reducing the cancer cells, (5) feeling the cancer has reduced, then (6) going in for testing that shows it has reduced.

So I am very familiar with the feeling that the cancer cell process is being activated and have found it in direct relation to exposure to electric, magnetic and wireless/rf radiation but especially wireless radiation. This same exposure is causing my eyesight to diminish in the eye on the side of my head where I have held cell phones and cordless phones for many years along with aching in the head and in other cancer sites on my body.

There are many factors involved in getting cancer, but the strongest by far in my experience has been exposure to EMF radiation. So there is a direct relation between cell phones and cancer – in creating cancer cells and/or causing rapid reproduction. The question is ‘When will you receive the amount of radiation it takes to get a brain cancer diagnosis?’.

The following is a list of what worked and what didn’t for EMF protection for cell phones and brain cancer when I had it and also what keeps it from coming back again once it is gone.

Best EMF Protection from Cell Phones and Brain Cancer

  • Distance or blocking is the only surefire protection from cell phones and brain cancer – And that simply means that any emission of wireless radiation that comes in contact with your head from any phone (cell, house or any other communication device or even computer, cell tower, or other wireless radiation) is raising your risk of brain cancer.
  • Phones that don’t have at least 3G, radiate for 10-30 feet from the phone, so trash it! I have not tested a single phone without 3G that didn’t radiate 2-3 rooms away. Most, if not all, new phones have 3G capability – but 3G is not available everywhere and doesn’t appear to be available when ‘in roaming’. Read on as the 3G doesn’t mean these are safe for your brain.
  • The phones I’ve tested with 3G (all but one, that is) have a strong wireless radiation for only 1 ½ feet from the phone. This means you can actually talk on the speaker phone without exposing your head and most of your body to wireless radiation.
  • Texting is a ‘less radiation’ option for communication although there is a quick zap of radiation when sending and receiving a message so you are still getting some and the radiation source is much stronger if you don’t have 3G.
  • Wireless radiation changes the EMF frequencies of the cells. This is the first step toward the formation of brain cancer cells. I have found two frequencies that bring the healthy frequencies of the cells back to normal to help prevent brain cancer cell buildup and also to reduce the amount of inflammation and damaged cells already formed. These are 8.25 hz and 2169.44 hz. Frequency balancing has become a very important and popular method of maintaining and reclaiming health and there are many frequency devices on the market now. I recommend frequency machines that only have the frequencies of a healthy body (like Ondamed ) so they are completely safe for everyone.
  • Drastically reduce the amount of time spent on wireless cell and house phones by 1)purchasing a good quality corded phone with speakerphone for home/office, 2)returning cell phone calls that are not urgent on this safer phone, and 3)use texting when appropriate. If you already have brain cancer I HIGHLY recommend you spend zero time around wireless technology. It is a HUGE factor for success or failure in your recovery from brain cancer!
  • You can not know how much radiation your phones put out until you test with a wireless detector. For wireless detectors, see my ‘Detector’ page for my current favorites in detectors that can be used for testing ALL wireless technology as well as cell towers, etc. I carry mine with me everywhere – you will be amazed at how much wireless radiation is in the average environment. But the most important detection will be in YOUR environment where you spend regular time.
  • If you must be on your cell phone on a regular basis, cell phone protectors are a must – though I want to emphasize the above information is critical to protect yourself from wireless radiation. Here is my top recommendation for cell phone protector: Of all the ‘non-blocking’ cell phone protectors I have tested and studied (and I have yet to test a ‘blocking’ cell phone protector that actually blocked the signal), this one stands out far above the rest. It is a bit more expensive, but with superior technology than any other I have found. For cell phones and brain cancer protection, quality and effectiveness should not be compromised. Click on this EarthCalm banner to see the best cell phone protector I’ve found called ‘Quantum Cell’ Protector:


See my latest discovery of ‘Healthy EMF Brain Diet’ at my new website: www.EMFRestore.com

Not Sure You Want to Make These Changes?

So you think these changes will crimp your lifestyle? Cell phones and brain cancer is a relatively new health problem to think about, but if you are waiting for the truth to be mainstream about cell phones cancer, if you get pain in your head on a daily basis, if you use your phone on a daily basis – your risk of brain cancer is escalating day by day. Once you get a brain cancer diagnosis, you will wish you had taken some precautions for protection.

Remember, nothing heals the body – the body heals itself when provided with what it needs! Wireless radiation is damaging to healthy brain cells. Protect your brain now!

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