Learn About The Types of Electromagnetic Radiation So You Can Protect and Improve Your Health

There are two types of electromagnetic radiation when it comes to protecting your health – the good and the bad. This report will give you a very clear idea of what those two types of electromagnetic radiation are and why they are considered good or bad for your health. This is a ‘must-know’ for EMF protection.

What Determines If an Electromagnetic Field Is Good or Bad?

God designed everything He created with its own electromagnetic field, including sound, color, smells, earth and the human body, just to name a few. Each may have a single frequency or a group of frequencies as found in the human body. The frequencies in the human body can be changed by exposure to other frequencies that are not found in the human body either by a very strong electromagnetic field exposure or one not so strong but with a longer exposure time.

Healthy human tissue has the God-given original frequencies, and unhealthy tissue has a different frequency. So regarding the two types of electromagnetic radiation: the frequencies that are the good types of electromagnetic radiation are the ones that are the same as the human body and the frequencies that are the bad types of electromagnetic radiation are the ones that are different from the human body. It’s that simple – and that important!

Electromagnetic Radiation Health Can Be Changed From Good to Bad AND Bad to Good

The fact is ‘Healthy tissue of the body which has its original God-given frequencies can be changed to unhealthy tissue by its exposure to the ‘bad’ type of electromagnetic radiation’. This process is one of the first steps to disease and can include pain, inflammation, improper functioning organs, etc. and a ‘pulling away’ from homeostasis.

And some very good news is that ‘unhealthy tissue of the body which has been changed to the wrong frequencies, can be changed back to the healthy original frequencies’. This process is one of the first and most powerful steps the body needs in order to heal itself from disease and poor health. And, YES, I found all this out the hard way! It has been a fascinating 3 year journey and I was the lab rat experiment.

The Four Forms of Electromagnetic Radiation

The four forms of electromagnetic radiation include:

  • Electric – Anything having an electric field including power lines that transport it.
  • Magnetic – Anything having a magnetic field which could come from an electric source or from a motor or engine.
  • Wireless/RF/Wi Fi/Microwave – Anything that communicates with a wireless signal using radio frequency , microwave, wi fi, etc.
  • Ionizing – Includes gamma rays, UV rays and X-rays.

See more info on these emf emissions as well as a list for each category here http://www.emfrestore.com/emf-emissions

List of Bad Types of Electromagnetic Radiation

All forms of electromagnetic radiation that is different from the human body’s is bad for body exposure and would include:

  • Electric
  • Magnetic
  • Wireless/RF/Microwave/WiFi
  • Ionizing

For a list of sources, technology and suggested exposure limit for each of these types of EMF radiation go to http://www.emfrestore.com/emf-emissions

Remember, it is the distance, strength and length of exposure that determines your health risk. With the proper setup of your environment, you will be able to live around some of this without serious health issues. It is when your exposure breaches EMF safety (and that is very common in today’s environments) that you start seeing the health issues and diseases associated with EMF, including cancer which is very hard to eliminate until you make your environment safe from EMF’s. EMF protection should be everyone’s concern.

The only way to know for certain which bad EMF’s are in your environment is to test with detectors. More information on Detectors here.

List of Good Types of Electromagnetic Radiation

Many EMF frequencies can evoke a change in body functioning that may even appear to be good but in fact are not. To be a good type of electromagnetic radiation, the frequency has to be good for the body short term and long term – not just produce a change reaction. In order for this to happen, the frequency must be a God-given original frequency of the human body. Some sources of good types of electromagnetic radiation are:

  • Earth’s frequency – A therapy called earthing is when your body physically touches the bare earth. The earth has special frequencies that helps in grounding and restoring the body’s original healthy frequencies.
  • Schuman Resonance – This is a man-produced frequency of the earth’s electromagnetic fields which is the same as above but can be ‘placed’ in your environment to assist with EMF protection. NASA has been using frequencies for decades to protect astronauts while they are out of touch with the earth’s natural frequency source. The physical and mental condition of early astronauts deteriorated severely while in outer space, away from the Schumann Resonance (the Earth’s frequency) and in the presence of strong magnetic fields of the space shuttles. The problem was solved by introducing the ‘Schumann Simulator’ into all space shuttles, a magnetic pulse generator mimicking the Earth’s frequency.
  • EarthCalm Home Resonator – My favorite EMF protection system for the home is a device you plug in to your electrical outlet (uses no electricity but works through your home or office electrical wiring) that has Schuman Resonance (above) along with two other technologies that help with EMF protection and includes boosting the immune system and much more. More info on the EarthCalm Scalar Home Protection System here:
  • Ondamed Biofeedback – A medical biofeedback machine that ONLY contains the frequencies of a healthy body and is the most dynamic invention I have ever seen for identifying and correcting the body’s damaged electromagnetic field. Because of the strong regulating affect that occurs when the body’s EMF’s are corrected, this device brings the body closer to homeostasis with each session. See more information on Ondamed here.
  • EVOX – a biofeedback system that balances emotional frequencies of the physical body causing perception reframing. This, in turn, causes emotional balancing in general or for specific events or situations such as Post Tramatic Stress Disorder. EVOX gives amazing results with stress, depression, relationships, anxiety, performance improvement, etc. Because the emotions are so strongly linked to our health, these sessions also produce improvement in health More info here.
  • EMF Patches – My favorite and most economical of frequency strengthening and rebalancing of the body is the new technology of patches that contain good electromagnetic fields and each patch is directed at specific results such as sleep, energy, pain, anti-aging, and appetite control. Love, love, love these! They have taken my health to a new level that I haven’t accomplished with all other technologies, in part because they are worn daily and so help keep the body’s good frequencies balanced and strengthened. The EMF patches were originally designed to help fighter pilots withstand stress and maintain mental clarity and alertness and are now worn by Olympic and professional athletes. For more information about these patches, please fill out the form below and I will send you an email with a link and more info.Request Info on Healthy EMF PatchesPlease note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.First Name*E-Mail Address*Please enter the word that you see below.
  • Healing Hands – I feel like I have inside information from God with this finding, which I discovered while using my Ondamed Biofeedback machine. What is the first thing you do when you stump your toe or bang your shin? You grab that hurt area with your hands. Now I understand why. Our hands have good frequencies in them – and when you place your hands (for a few minutes) over an area where there is pain, tension or damage, you will find it either goes away completely or usually reduces significantly – HEALING HANDS. Amazing! I first tried this while at a seminar and had neck pain and tension. I placed my hand on that spot for about ten minutes and when I took it away, the knot, pain and tension was gone. So I’ve tried it many more times and it almost always works successfully! God is good – all the time! What an amazaing creation!
  • Natural Supplements and Plants Products – Most natural supplements and resources like essential oils have good electromagnetic frequencies they are imparting into the body when you take them, at least, unless they have been altered in processing. This is one reason you should always choose natural products and whole minimally processed foods.

For EMF protection, test your environment and find out where and how strong your bad types of electromagnetic radiation are and choose a healthy lifestyle that includes regular balancing of the good types of electromagnetic radiation. It’s a ‘must’ in today’s world.

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