Tips to Stop Crying Baby

To Stop Crying Baby, I am providing some common tips because sometimes you just can’t think straight when your nerves are shattered from a crying baby;  AND I am also providing information on a very important matter you have probably never heard about.

First remember that crying is the main way babies communicate and so in order to stop a crying baby, we must figure out what the baby is trying to tell us.  Think about this: If you had your mouth taped up and arms and legs bound and needing to tell someone something important, you would want everyone to be very attentive until they figured out what you were trying to communicate. I’ll keep this short and sweet:

Common Tips to Stop Crying Baby

  • Dry clean diaper 
  • Hunger satisfied but not overly full
  • Quiet peaceful environment without over stimulation
  • Not too hot or too cold (remember baby is more temperature senstive than adults)
  • No scratchy, tight or poky clothes
  • Fear causes crying so show them you are calm and peaceful
  • Watch for chemicals in disposable diapers and laundry soap/softeners that can burn, itch and irritate delicate skin
  • Some mothers relieve teething pain with essential oils the natural non-toxic way
  • Babies need to be held – it gives them assurance and ‘fills their love cup’ 🙂
  • Routine and schedules make babies feel secure so they know what to expect and they don’t get overly tired which can make them cry
  • Babies often need help burping after a feeding by gently patting on the back

Peaceful Energy Tips
to Help Stop Crying Baby

  • Holding your baby actually imparts your healthy body frequencies to the baby – just one reason holding your baby is beneficial
  • Speaking peaceful, loving words including prayer are known to bring peace for baby and parents
  • Protect baby’s body from electric appliances and technology  – should be at least 6-8 feet away, including cords plugged in to outlets and electrical/technology on opposite side of wall
  • Reduce, as much as possible, all wireless/wifi/RF technology in baby’s environment which is known to be harmful and creates agitation (recommended meter: Test with this wireless/RF meter)  This helps protect their body’s healthy electromagnetic fields
  • Play classical music, some are specially made for calming babies and are proven to rebalance brain waves
  • The earth’s frequency (called Schuman Resonance) is very calming and is the foundation of the body’s ability to heal itself. Project this frequency into your home to boost immune system and calm those in the home. My best recommendation: Home EMF Protection System
  • Water is very calming to the body. Breast-fed babies will need very little water but once you start adding other foods/milks, there is a greater need for water to process these.
  • To rebalance digestive system frequencies for gas, etc. mix Young Living Lavender or Di-Gize with coconut oil and rub tummy in a clockwise circle. No oils? The frequencies from the hand may be enough.