The iMRS Mat is #1 Selling PEMF System for In-Home Use

Here’s why the iMRS Mat is so loved:

In one word, the reason the iMRS Mat is #1 in its field – RESULTS!  Here is a simple explanation of why the iMRS is so beneficial in providing the body what it needs so it can begin to heal itself:

  • Unhealthy tissue has different electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) than those of healthy tissue EMF’s
  • This is caused from everyday manmade influences such as wireless radiation (cell phones, routers, computers, cell towers, blue tooth, cordless phones, etc.) and electric/magnetic radiation (house wiring, a/c, heaters, vehicle engines, anything plugged in)
  • Imbalanced EMF’s in the body begin the disease process which may be felt as pain, insomnia, anxiety, stress, inflammation, loss of energy, headaches, depression, EMF sensitivity, etc. 
  • The iMRS Mat safely rebalances the EMF of the body back to healthy tissue EMF’s which allows the body to start the healing process, and because you have it in your home or office, you can rebalance every day to keep up with daily exposures of bad EMF influences
  • This rebalancing is usually felt as immediate relief of pain, stress and other symptoms
  • iMRS replicates the natural electromagnetic fields of the earth and body providing perfect grounding and restoring frequencies making it one of the most effective and tolerable systems available

What they are saying…

Though virtually all disease processes can benefit from rebalancing the electromagnetic fields, the most common feedback I hear from iMRS users is:

  • Upper-arm muscle pain is gone
  •  Lumbar pain relief is immediate
  • Spinal back pain/herniated disc pain dramatically relieved with one session
  • Energy increases and continues to increase with regular sessions
  • Memory and brain fog improves
  • Sleep improves significantly
  • Sharp head pain goes away (one of the symptoms of exposure to bad EMF’s)
  • EMF causes of sciatic nerve pain are rebalanced for immediate relief
  • Stress relief
  • Hip joint pain relief
  • Depression subsides as motivation returns
  • Torn meniscus pain subsides immediately with each session
  • EMF symptoms relieved with first session and improves with continued use

See Live Blood Analysis Utube Video Before and After iMRS: Click Here  No wonder users have more energy and feel better!

Your Satisfaction Will Be Determined

By Who You Order From

Prices on the iMRS Mat are regulated by the company so each distributor has the same price (which can’t be posted on the web).  What you need most from the distributor you purchase from and what I provide my new owners:

  • Someone who will take the time to be sure you are initially set up correctly
  •  Understanding of how to use the mat in a way it best benefits you
  •  ‘New Owner’s Notes’ that will help with getting started
  • Regular support sessions by phone or online to learn new info and hear what’s working best for others
  • Over 37 years in natural health and 6+years as a biofeedback/bio-electric practitioner
  • Call anytime  to get questions answered
  • Expanded iGuide list which includes definitions