Importance of ONDAMED® Biofeedback Machines for Healthy Electromagnetic Fields

The ONDAMED® Pulse Biofeedback machines are God’s gift to man in a world filled with a multitude of factors that damage the electromagnetic fields of the human body. ONDAMED® is a key player in EMF protection. I say without hesitation that every person on the planet can benefit from using the ONDAMED® to restore their health and rebalance energy fields – and many may have a life changing experience – even when they have no hope.

You see, God designed the human body with its very own electromagnetic fields. Healthy tissue has these healthy frequencies that God gave us. Unhealthy tissue has unhealthy damaged frequencies. Once you correct your unhealthy tissue frequencies back to healthy frequencies, the body is best able to mend, repair and restore that tissue. NOTHING repairs and restores the God-given frequencies of the human body better or more patient specific than the ONDAMED® Pulse Biofeedback machines. Absolutely nothing!

Don’t underestimate the importance of having a healthy electromagnetic field. If you have any type of unhealthy tissue in your body, it has the wrong unhealthy frequency. If your tissue has the correct electromagnetic field, it IS healthy tissue – and without foreign invaders or damaged cells.

Why is Modern Technology So Harmful?

There are many reasons why our healthy frequencies change to unhealthy frequencies but one of the most prominent reasons today is the blanket of man-made electromagnetic frequencies that cover most of our planet from modern technology. See EMF Emissions List for Sources.

Though a great convenience for us all, modern technology Is finally being exposed as a major contributor to our drastically diminishing health. Why? Because frequencies dominate each other. When it comes to the frequencies of our cells, the BIG DOG wins or the one that is most constant or strongest.

So your exposure to EMF’s that are different from your own (and ALL of modern technology has frequencies and wave lengths that are different from those God-given healthy frequencies of the body), whether long term low frequency exposure or short term very strong frequency exposure, will change your body’s healthy frequencies to unhealthy frequencies. And there goes your health… Once the healthy frequencies are changed, the tissue must progressively become diseased tissue.

Our Healthy Frequencies Must Always Be Supported

The body can maintain its electromagnetic field when rejuvenated and supported on a regular basis AND not exposed to a constant barrage of man-made frequencies. One way the body’s EMF is supported is by exposure to the earth’s electromagnetic field. It has a special restorative effect on our body’s electromagnetic field.

NASA has been using frequencies for decades to protect astronauts while they are out of touch with the earth’s natural frequency source. The physical condition of early astronauts deteriorated severely while in outer space, away from the Schumann Resonance (the Earth’s frequency) and in the presence of strong magnetic fields of the space shuttles. The problem was solved by introducing the ‘Schumann Simulator’ into all space shuttles, a magnetic pulse generator mimicking the Earth’s frequency.

Schumann Resonance is only one of hundreds of frequencies (ranging 30,000 hz) delivered by ONDAMED® which has four specialized modules. ONDAMED® Biofeedback machines help strengthen, correct and balance the body’s God-given electromagnetic field in a very special patient specific system of using the pulse to monitor the autonomic nervous system. This shows the exact frequencies chosen by the body that need correcting and the areas of the body needing correction. And one of the reasons it is so safe and effective (even for newborn babies) is that it ONLY delivers frequencies that are found in a healthy body.

Video and More Info on ONDAMED® Biofeedback Machines

Here is a virtual demonstration video that will show a partial session taking place as well as scientific/physics graphing to help you understand more about how it works and the session procedure. Click here for ONDAMED® video.

I no longer have cancer, but I still use it almost daily to keep my electromagnetic sensitivity to a minimum and keep my body pointing back to homeostasis. More about EMF Hypersensitivity here. But most important is the role Ondamed plays in neutralizing and correcting, on an ongoing basis,the daily exposure to the extremely high levels of EMF radiation which I believe is one of our biggest health risk we all face today. ONDAMED® is the BEST EMF protection for our health.

If you live in the Weatherford/Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, North Texas area and are interested in Ondamed sessions, fill out the contact info below and I will get in touch with you.

If you need a support system for purchasing and startup with the Ondamed and do not have a referral Ondamed Practitioner, please contact me thru the form above and I will help you with questions and Ondamed’s contact info. You can also check their website to see if there is a practitioner in your area. ONDAMED® Website

In Summary

Restoring and repairing the damage of your body’s electromagnetic field with ONDAMED® biofeedback machines is an ideal solution for optimal health in today’s environment. Also realize for best EMF protection you can make many changes to your lifestyle that will help prevent and minimize the EMF damage to your body in the first place – all covered right here at

Having healthy EMF’s in the body is two part: 1) rebalancing the good EMF’s as done by the Onamed – the king of biofeedback machines and 2) locating and eliminating the bad EMF’s in your environment. See more info on your sources of bad EMF’s on this website and TEST to find out what is really in your environment – you never know till you test! The only meters I recommend are located here: Most Recommended EMF Detectors



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